People of Delhi has a golden opportunity in upcoming assembly election, they can change politics of our nation by voting for AAP once again

Delhi assembly has been recently dissolved, Election Commission is yet to declare election dates. They have only declared dates for Jharkhand and Jammu & Kashmir.  SC has told that it cannot decide election dates.  Nothing is officially declared but we have watched more than 5 opinion polls of Delhi, we are yet to watch 4-5 opinion polls of Jharkhand and J&K by different media groups where elections are scheduled. Everybody knows the reason of such interest in Delhi is AAP.

Recent dissolution of Delhi assembly can be interpreted in different ways. Some may call it back to square one, some may call it BJP’s attempt to save itself from SC, but many would call it an opportunity. 

AAP members post winning Delhi AAP vs BJP   Delhi Has A Golden Opportunity

Aam Aadmi Party Cabinet ministers Saurabh Bhardwaj, Somnath Bharti, Rakhi Birla and Arvind Kejriwal during the swearing-in-ceremony at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi on Dec. 28, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

An opportunity to elect and a chance to set an example for India. So we can have a vision of India with clean politics. Delhi people knows it well who has appealed for re-election in SC and who was asking SC not interfere till February. All they don’t know is why LG Najeeb Jung took five months in asking all parties about formation of Govt. which was a matter of few hours. There had been debates of who was running away from election, I guess the first person was Delhi’s LG.

I come from Gujarat, we have been governed well in past decade. But we never had an option in state because opposition was weak. People of Delhi are fortunate to have that option, AAP. Good thing is they have seen their work. People may have a lot to criticise but the results were measurable in 49 days. That’s substantial to decide. In last election many people had voted them by taking a chance, now people know what they can do for Delhi.

AAP has a vision to make Delhi a corruption free state when India’s rank is 94th in Global Corruption Index. At this corruption rank our PM want us to believe Corruption can be reduced with launch of websites, new technologies and inducting corrupt ministers in his cabinet.

With AAP’s arrival standards have been raised in politics, last year (2013) when they secured 2nd position in Delhi election there was competition to sit in opposition by parties. Horse trading couldn’t take place with their emergence. Moreover it is the only political party under RTI. No other party can match the standards set by them.

AAP AAP vs BJP   Delhi Has A Golden Opportunity

Now as assembly is dissolved and elections are certain in Delhi, BJP is faceless. Suddenly after 2014 LS election it has adopted Congress model of contesting election. PM Narendra Modi will campaign for BJP in Delhi as he did it in Maharastra and Harayana. In a way no other leader should rise at local level, the dependency over high command should remain. There was a time in BJP when Narendra Modi used to tell LK Advani to stay assured of winning election in Gujarat, Advaniji doesn’t have to campaign in state.

A state leader was strong enough to assure national leader in BJP. Now time has changed, it is other way round. Even though PM is not CM candidate of Delhi, BJP has to project him to fool people. The attempt is also to make it Modi vs Kejriwal one more time. Is PM serious about country or loves to stay in election mode?

While PM was busy in campaigning for Maharastra and Haryana, India skipped the global convention on automatic exchange of information at G20. Thanks to SC which interfered in matter of black money, corruption, cleaning of Ganga and now in election. I hope PM realise it that we are not fools.

In rallies he never shy in claiming the fall in decontrolled petrol prices is due to BJP, international crude prices has no role. Has he considered everyone fool in the country? Is election more important for him than country?

I believe Delhi has to answer these for all of us.  They have the strongest opposition party of country – AAP. I called them opposition because under LG Najeeb Jung Delhi was indirectly governed by Central Govt. from last 5 months. What happens when a clean “aam aadmi” wants to enter politics is faced by AAP. We have seen Congress, we are seeing BJP Govt and we do want to see how AAP governs.

When we’ve given chance to corrupt so many times, why we can’t give more chances to clean candidates for a better country. People of Delhi has golden opportunity in upcoming assembly election, they can change politics of our nation.

By: Chirag Goud
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