Reader’s Voice- The Aam Aadmi Party has got it dreadfully wrong by accepting Congress support,which might have turned its very supporters against it

I am extremely disappointed with Arvind Kejriwal for going back on his words that AAP will not accept any support from/join either the Congress or the BJP to form a government. Now he has conveniently changed his stand saying that the majority of the AAP wants it.The fundamental principle on which AAP got a convincing support was due to the fact that their focus was to go against the corrupt politicians of the ruling Congress party. Now, they have changed their tune and made a U-turn to join the very Congress they were against, and rightfully so. This will definitely ruin the confidence of the people in AAP and its leader Kejriwal.

This is a sad day for India when a young, intelligent and educated politician like Kejriwal has disappointed his supporters and dashed their hopes, as he has proven that he is no different from the corrupt politicans of the ruling Congress party.

By Dr.T.C.Chandran

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