Clear parallels can be draw between AAP’s governance model and its branding and that of a commercial product. It’s high time AAP revived its brand and promoted its product keeping in mind outer competition.

Arvind Kejriwal and his team invented a vehicle in the year 2013, and named this the “AAP – Anti-Corruption Sweeper Drive Model 2013”. Initially it attracted lots of eye-balls as it was an invention by an IITian and was equipped with quite unique and much awaited technologies like corruption-freedom,  cost-efficiency, free water, low electricity bill, etc.

But experts criticized this tiny vehicle very much as it was not a product from any reputed and branded stable; they rated it just below average as they found that it was not possible for any company to give such kind of benefits to its customers at present. Now is the time of super utility vehicles. Other branded companies are putting more and more money for their research work to keep their fellow researchers not only happy but wealthy too.

But, despite all criticism the AAP’s Anti-Corruption Sweeper Drive started rolling on the streets of national capital- Delhi. By the time of flag-off, it was decided by the management that they had ignited it for testing purpose, there was no intention to compete with any reputed brands which existed in the market for decades. They would just stand by their inventions and watch whether people of the nation’s capital were really in need of such kind of technology or not.

They started it with very low-profile marketing. No big hoardings, no big Advertisements, No big models to attracts customers. But, they stood by their promises which they made for customers of this vehicle. As this invention was an outcome of a few honest and reputed persons of the country, people gave it a chance- what’s wrong in testing something new? And, they found it not-bad to go for this since they had tested reputed brands for more than sixty years but without desirable results.

This negative public sentiment and dying faith on reputed brands was replaced by this product like anything. It proved all its critics wrong. The product at last created its own identity and it popularity enforced the state, national and international media to give prominent space in their newspapers and television channels as news means something new.

But in the mean time the inventors found that there was something wrong in the vehicle and they might not cater to their customers’ satisfaction as the summer was round the corner. As they knew it well that keeping all the promises made at the time of launch was quite not possible, within this short span of time and the technology was also developed hurriedly. When other competitors are keeping a hawk-eye to regain their market share which they have lost badly, it’s clearly tilted-up the losing side of their company balance-sheet. So, it is better to re-call the vehicle before it starts making noises in the market, makes customers come out on the streets and create traffic issues in the capital. Just re-calling it for maintenance and keeping it under wraps for the summer will help the management to re-roll this vehicle into the market during rain.

Let’s hope AAPs – Anti-Corruption Sweeper Drive will come up with its latest version 2014 with some newly added features and will be launched almost across the country as stockiest of different states are eagerly waiting for it display at different junctions and locations of the country.

By Laxminarayan Pattnayak


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