Rising fuel prices are a growing concern for everybody. Can AAP promise to solve the issue of petrol prices?

In your triangular fight for the Lok Sabha Kejriwal, harp upon the petrol price and say to the public with determination that you would bring down the price of petrol to Rs 25/- per litre before your 5 year period gets over.  Each year you can slash the price to achieve your election promise. You can bring Mr Ramar Pillai as your petroleum minister  and make him teach the public to produce their own herbal petrol which is more purified and less costly. Mr Ramar Pillai himself proclaimed and opined it is realistically possible to produce and sell petrol for Rs 5/- with profit.

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If you do this Kejriwal,  AAP will make the country emerge as the finest fuel producer in the entire world.  The world economy is based on the petro dollars  and the new economic order would develop, without corrupt practices. Every year AAP should be able to slash the price of petrol and gas. With no room for corruption by the Ambanis and Adanis, Our Nation would emerge as inflation free country.

By Dr Fazl

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