The victory of AAP is a defining moment in Indian Politics, primarily because it establishes once more the common man’s strength and importance in a nation.

From Apolitical to Political… Arvind Kejriwal‘s AAPhas finally taken over the governance of Delhi. He deserves to be congratulated. It surely was not a Express way to reach this stage for Arvind Kejriwal and his team and it is a fact that there was indeed no road at all to reach his destination. With all the difficulties, strong opposition and contrary positions by many of his opponents, he today is in the Driver`s seat with his vision. If Arvind and his AAP party gets enough time to implement their agenda, India will be witnessing politics of new vision and dynamics. And Aam Admi on the streets will see hopes in changing India for good. The politics of the people, by the people and for the People is what  is happening today. It will be Social Politics as once our great thinker, intellectual and Ex President had said to Laloo Prasad in one of the official functions, “ Today we need to change to “Social Politics and not politics of one-upmanship.” He addressed gathering of senior politicians and said,” Give-up politics of convenience and self serving politics.”

Arvindkejriwal AAP 300x300 From Apolitical to Political...AAP in Delhi Governance!
Gone are the days when politicians like Laloo, Mulayum Singh, Sharad Pawar and many others with the old generation mindset kept playing their brand of politics. Mainly politics of convenience, politics of vote banks on the communal lines and politics of corruption. Gone are the days when these politicians were taking the electorate for granted. Gone are the days when these corrupt politicians made politics their business. And finally gone are the times when these politicians were thinking that the Aam Aadmi can not Question them once elected.

It was never a Blank Cheque drawn on their names neither unconditional power given to political parties to rule over the aam admi. But political parties in this long post independence era became so bold and shameless that they started taking Aam Admi for granted and forgot in the first place what their role was. They certainly were not forced to get into politics nor invited to govern this country. It was their choice to enter into politics. But with the objective to SERVE  the people and their country. This very objective over time was forgotten and after 1970s  Indian politics changed for the worst. Criminals started entering into politics with their money and muscle power. And this unfortunately was encouraged by all political parties. Directly or indirectly all of them started promoting these criminal minds into politics and India became vulnerable to corrupt political practices.

Anna’s civil movement against this corrupt and criminal political culture with millions of common people supporting the Gandhian, challenged the All mighty corrupt Political Class and today Arvind Kejriwal who was one among Anna’s team with his vision,  is getting into corridors of power in Delhi. It  is indeed a good beginning.  Anna’s fight against corruption is moving forward and becoming stronger day by day. Whether Congress allows AAP party to remain in power to Change Delhi is not the real question now.  Whether Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP team remains together in this challenging mission against corruption or not and whether Arvind Kejriwal’s government can fulfill the commitments made to Delhites are the two important questions.

Congress will soon show its true colors and again get exposed. What else can the dishonest Congress do? I am sure, Arvind and his team have done their homework and only then working on their visionary plans for Delhi. Why should anyone doubt their honesty at this stage ? It is possible, in the process AAP party will take wrong political decisions or make political moves which can trigger a war between Congress and AAP.  But finally, to achieve their mission, they will have to take some bold decisions to clean the system and throw the corrupt out who are merrily enjoying the powers without accountability to people and looting this country with the blessings of corrupt politicians for many years.

This has to Stop. And since AAP has set their main focus on this impossible mission every Aam Aadmi will be with them with all their might and support. This had to happen one day with civil society on the streets against the arrogant political class. And it has begun Today.  It is indeed a good beginning by Aam Aadmi getting inside the corridors of power in Delhi. The corruption at all levels will be exposed now. Every penny of Tax payers looted by corrupt bureaucracy and corrupt politicians will become accountable.  Day light loot that is going on for years will now be under scanner.

And that will be the biggest achievement for the Aam Aadmi on the street.  Arvind Kejriwal and all his team members… the task may be tough…but the Aam Aadmi is behind you in your honest efforts. We sincerely wish you succeed in your mission to change India.

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Image Source: By TY (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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