Reader’s Voice: Win of good over evil is AAP’s basic policy and its USP – this ideology may survive in Delhi die to it’s small size.

Until the moment Aam Admi Party (AAP) was announced by its convener Mr Arvind Kejriwal, I was fully unaware of it . I think this was the same with most of the current followers and onlookers of AAP’s activities, but one thing which I’d experienced right from AAP’s inception is, 95% of people I talked about AAP with are Pro-Kejriwal. Rest of the 5% are not against AAP but have serious reservation that a newly formed party will be able to turn emotional attachment of the voters in to actual votes in its favour.

The Idea of AAP

I think the idea of AAP as Political Party, which took birth from Anna Hazare’s Jan Lokpal movement was not solely coined by Arvind Kejriwal. Had that been the case, AAP wouldn’t have made such an impact in such a short period of time. Specially when, the leader of the movement Anna himself stayed away from political front. This Idea of AAP’s formation was a collective decision by the core team of the Party, which has members who have unquestionable integrity and stature in their respective fields. It is said that thousand dishonest persons fear one honest person, and members of core team of the AAP have distinction in serving honesty and that too for many years. I hope that Anna and Arvind are playing hands in gloves and as the elections are nearing in Delhi Anna will come forward to support AAP. I think loss of Kiran Bedi’s support to AAP is, according to me, a big handicap for Arvind Kejriwal. I remember that slogan which did rounds in Anna’s movement ‘Yeh Andar Ki Baat Hai, Police Humare Saath Hai’. Madam Bedi would have been a great help to AAP.

AAP’s Policy ‘Dharm Ki Adharm Par Vijay’

Win of good over evil is AAP’s basic policy and its USP. This ideology may survive in Delhi state as it is a small city and manageable looking at its size. Cast and creed politics do not have deep roots in Delhi politics as it is colony of immigrants. Except a few border constituencies in Delhi no one can claim of being Delhi’s local. So the point is that, issue of truthful and honest politics do stand a chance in Delhi state, courtesy Arvind Kejriwal’s bold streak against the corrupt politicians and corrupt system. And Delhi being national media headquarters also gave major boost to chances of success of honest politics. People in Delhi are made aware by the AAP’s campaign that they do have chance to fight the evil and instate clean political system.

AAP a One Man Army?

Some people blame AAP as a one man Party with Arvind Kejriwal as its mascot. That’s true in some sense. Other stalwarts of the party, though selflessly busy in propagating the Party’s goodwill, are not as visible in the arena as Kejriwal is. Except a few AAP leaders like Manish Sisodia and Kumar Vishwas all the others are seemingly less visible and vocal. This also may be contributed to media which is not interested in sound bites of less known AAP leaders. Arvind Kejriwal is for sure the leader of AAP but he as a leader has a responsibility to project his colleagues at different avenues. The candidates who are been fielded by AAP in all the 70 constituencies in Delhi are not particularly the poster boys of their area. Now this makes difficult for the Party to reflect a Kejriwal in all its candidates. If they manage to do so it will be great achievement for the party.

By Vikas Thakur

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