Is the AAP party, which is plagued with inner party disunity, moving away from it’s Good Governance promises? Will Kejriwal again break People’s trust?

AAP is one entertaining party. I cannot call them revolutionary because that tag is reserved for Rakhi Sawant’s party intercepted before Lok Sabha elections and finished after Lok sabha elections.

AAP is also one party that gives serials like Big Boss a run for the money. Where else in the world do you get to hear and see so much drama on TV and twitter? Some of the well-known journalists (on BJP’s payroll) even went out of the way to promote these videos on their twitter ids.

kejriwal twitter AAP From The Blogs : Kamina Dhokebaaj aur AAP

If I was a TV Commentator. My commentary would be “It has been enthralling journey till now. Can AAP survive this storm ?”

The three words keeping AAP in news for last few days are: Kamina, Dhokebaaj and Gaddar.

As a Mango man, I am quite used to hear the first one every day. It’s a part of our day-to-day life. From Bollywood to kollywood, everyone loves the word “Kamina”. Makes me sing “Kar de mushkil jeena –Ishq Kamina-“.

Poor Kejriwal. He has been taken to the cleaners for calling Prashant bhushan and Yogendra yadav Kamina.

yogendra yadav bhushan From The Blogs : Kamina Dhokebaaj aur AAP

Come on guys. Cut some slack to our crusader. Kamina is as common as calling someone Sala. My aunty jest fully calls me “Hat moya! Kamina”. What do I do when she does that? Take her to court or boycott her delicious butter chicken 😉

Too much of a sacrifice to be made for an innocuous “kamina”.

So why this hype around Kejriwal getting down to our level. Isn’t he one of us? Isn’t he the Mango Man (Aam Addmi) we all wanted as a CM.

The only issue is Kejriwal portrayed himself as the God of Truth. I think he should let the veil of sainthood drop and accept, he is one of our leaders.

Moving on to the two prestigious designations bestowed upon AAP’s other two founding members Bhushan and Yadav “Dhokebaaj and Gaddar”. Well I think this is well deserved.

They are trying to burn down this party to ashes just to rub their personal egos.

Bhushan is adamant about working as per the rule book and Yadav. The soft-spoken ex-spokesperson of AAP sounds too diplomatic to be true.

yogendra yadav From The Blogs : Kamina Dhokebaaj aur AAP

With so many sting tapes coming out of nowhere every day, I don’t think these two guys are playing fair. I agree AAP is not sticking to their rule book but in politics, nothing is sacrosanct. If they were to just play by the rules, they will be eaten alive by other political parties.

Prashant and Yogendra want media attention. I will not be surprised if they join another political party like shazia ilmi or float a new political outfit called as The Mango Man Party. I might even become the president by virtue of being the original Mango Man. (Eminem: Will the real Mango Man please stand up.)

The country is still not over the euphoria of AAP decimating all the other political parties to single digits. Their victory has always been touted as the victor of Aam Admi and all this nautanki is killing us.

We need more time to digest this victory guys. Please do not take away our happiness so soon.

The dirty linen washed in public is raising question marks over AAP and the internal democracy constituting AAP. Frankly speaking, I don’t give a rat’s ass (I heard this dialogue in a Hollywood movie yesterday. Sounds so cool!) About ethics in politics. Our leaders are well above the ethic level. The murders, loot, scams they do throughout their tenure does not give them the right to show the “Holier than Thou” attitude.

kejriwal modi From The Blogs : Kamina Dhokebaaj aur AAP

My only worry is the disillusionment with our leaders elected to rule us. First the “Ache din” promised by BJP turned out to be farce and now the “Clean Government” promised by AAP look like a distant mirage.

This is too much of a Dhoka for the mango man of this country.

Next time I am going to vote for Rakhi Sawant. At least, she does not talk shiiit like other political leaders.

– The “not so Kamina” Mango Man

By: The Mango Man

(This article was originally published in the author’s blog)

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