AAP has infused in people a renewed anti-corruption energy. However, only time can tell, how much of a change-maker AAP proves to be.

At a time when the entire Nation is euphoric about a new avatar in politics which has the potential to change the landscape totally even the slightest discordant note will sound like blasphemy. Arvind Kejriwalis raw (in Politics), young, full of quixotic passion to sweep the entire nation with his broom to bring in Aam Aadmi’s legitimate role in ruling our great Bharat. Every statement he makes is lapped up as “wow” what a refreshing candor kind of awe.  At the cost of being called a devil let me voice my discomfort if not skepticism about a few things that has come out of this new “messiah”. 

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“Harsh Vardan is a good man and there are good men in every party. All are welcome to join us to usher a new India” , was one of his comments. Fair enough, the public loves it. But to me this alleged truism assumes that every single one of the lakhs who have joined him are Dharam Putras. He is no Ram who wants Vibhishans from every Ravan household to come to him & lo behold we will together deliver…… How wonderful? Let’s take just one more, “yeh saare chor hain subko jail bhijwayenge”. The supporters are thrilled. But I feel uncomfortable. It’s fine for a mohulla to discuss politics and talk about politicians in this fashion & use some punjabi gaalis in between to give it color. But on a public platform it is jarring and the pity is no one gives a damn. Press hails him no end. Am i out of sorts here? I don’t know.

Lets now see the profile of some of AAP supporters. Delhi is the capital of babudom. From cradle to death there are fixers available for every need. The auto rickshaw fellows are a notorious gang: They will never take you to the next mohulla which is nearby. But will take you to the other end of the city and charge you up and down fare without batting an eyelid and complain about corruption, inflation, etc and make their plea the most legitimate one. Take the general public: Have you heard of or seen a regular queue in a Bus Stop at any time? Take property owners: How many have you come across who have paid for in 100% cheque basis. I would refrain from referring to ratio between cheque & cash.  I will also be charitable & refrain from quoting Babudom’s role. Lest I forget let me include the aforesaid Mohulla wallas also.

 Every one of these virtuous guys are supporters of AAP. My point is simple: The problem is not that the officialese is corrupt, the people (aam aadmi) are equally corrupt. Unless this mindset is changed, or at least acknowledged that this is prevalent regardless of the argument that if Government is non-corrupt, there is no reason why public has to be corrupt,etc, AAP cannot legitimately claim to be pure which it does today. 

Corruption is in the mind. And this is unlikely to change easily. With the euphoria AAP has generated, the media is overjoyed with the prospect of having something other than Modi who with his latest victory in a Magistrate’s Court was getting difficult to be ignored. Congress has nothing to offer, Modi because of 2002 is a pariah notwithstanding the groundswell of support from a section of the public, and never mind if some court has absolved him. So we have a surfeit of news on AAP, AAP, & AAP. Kejriwal is lucky. Media swoons over him. If he fails he gets sympathy, if he delivers “well we told you so” didn’t we? So populism will be the order for the next 3 months. Come 2014 and AAP will garner some size-able seats in Lok Sabha not enough to form anything, but prevent every other also from forming anything. Congress can then support from “outside”, with AAP maintaining they do not want any one’s support, but yet form a government with aam aadmi’s SMS, which can perpetually have support from corrupt outsiders but still will remain non-corrupt. How wonderfully designed. It’s an irony that only Lotus has this great quality of nothing sticking to it to disturb its purity!!   

BJP will truly be banished from India. The secular set -up can then rule with a true “of, by, and for” Aam Aadmi Democracy. Jairam Ramesh was right. If Modi loses 2014 he and BJP are finished. But Rahul is a visionary who thinks ahead… AAP outside support appears to be one.  If the messiah still delivers, then to quote him, it will be a miracle.

 May God bless India. Vande Mataram.

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Image Source: By Aam Aadmi PartyFOX 52 SVG derivative (Official website) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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