Speculations about Kamal Faruqui, a former Samajwadi Party leader, entering Aam Aadmi Party has led some to question AAP’s motives. One will have to wait and watch for the actions and subsequent reactions.

If Kamal Faruqui  joins AAP, AAP too is playing  communal politics. Same politics like others. Kamal Faruqui was a senior most politician with Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh government and was working closely with Mulayum Singh Yadav for very long time. Today in politics, nobody is loyal to any party. Most are in politics for not serving the people or country but clearly they are in politics serving themselves. These politicians do not have political convictions, their own convictions nor any ideologies based on some principles. They have their own ageenda.

Kamal Faruqui is one who has been playing communal politics since the time he was with Samajwadi Party. RJD, BSP, JDU and Congress are all known well for faking their secular identity to create their vote banks. If AAP starts taking in people like Kamal Faruqui who are into communal politics, then AAP is no different than others.  In the first place, going with Congress was morally wrong irrespective of the arguments AAP presents in its defense. AAP made their political vision very clear when they went to people for their support in election.

There stand was very clear on the political situation. They called everyone corrupt and Chor. “Congress ki sarkar Bhrushtha Hai aur woh desh ko loot rahee hai,” was their appeal to the people of Delhi and rightly so.
AAP went to people with the campaign “Hamain congress ko ukhaad fekna hain ”  ” Aur saaf sudhri sarkar lana hain “. And AAP promised to give the people a non corrupt clean governance if they were elected in power.
This was the appeal made to people of Delhi and people wanted that. People wanted a non corrupt and clean administration in Delhi.

Controversy About Kamal Faruqui

Why are people like Kamal Faruqui who play communal politics being entertained by AAP? Or is AAP too  playing communal politics to  project their Secular image keeping 2014 elections in focus? If it is so, AAP is no different. Kamal Faruqui is one politician who was with Samajwadi Party known for its communal politics and fake secular claims. This Kamal Faruqui is the same person who had made a public statement when Yasin Bhatkal, the most wanted terrorist was arrested for killing hundreds of innocent Indians by planning serial bomb blasts in Indian states including his own state Uttar Pradesh. He kicked up a controversy over the arrest of this Indian Mujahideen co-founder Yasin Bhatkal, asking whether, his arrest  is based on the grounds of crime or religion. He pleaded ignorance about this dreaded terrorist when questioned by the media.

Politicians like him and Digvijay Sing are giving communal color to terrorists attacks purely for political gains and appeasement of minority. This is vote bank politics. He was clearly giving it a communal color to this dreaded  terrorist arrest . How can he be pardoned for playing communal politics that provokes communal passions? He should not be allowed in social politics at all. These are dangerous politicians who play divide and rule politics and divide the communities on the basis of cast, creed and religion for political motives. When he was called to clarify his position by Times Now, he wanted to run away from the debate. Possibly he was removed from SP after his irresponsible utterances.

Media is reporting for the last two days that he is meeting Arvind Kejriwal  and the chances are that he is likely to join Aam Aadmi Party. If it is true that AAP is going to take people like Kamal Faruqui then AAP is no different than any other political party. Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP will lose any moral right to blame and shame other political parties. Whatever game Arvind Kejriwal is playing,one thing is sure, he is not in politics to play these communal politics.  That was the very reason Congress was thrown out of power.

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