There was something very significant about the birth of the Aam Admi Party which perfectly synchronized with the strong anti-establishment mood of the people at the time. With the recent victory in the Delhi State Elections, all big parties have stopped to pay attention to the new kid on the block.

With the oath taking ceremony on 28th Dec 2013, India wrote history of sorts. The freedom struggle which we read in books was brought live by the images which all the media channels have flamboyantly portrayed. So what makes the rookie AAP the talk of the town when we already had political big-wigs like the Congress and the BJP, not to mention zillion other regional parties which staked their claim to the chair of the Chief Minister of Delhi or for that matter, would be contesting the Lok Sabha elections? Why have they not connected with the ‘aam admi’ which is the foundation of a healthy democratic setup in any country?

Kejriwal swearing in AAP: A Political Phenomenon

Aam Admi Party supporters during the swearing-in-ceremony of AAP members at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi on Dec. 28, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

Clearly the party for the people and by the people (I would certainly like to give ‘AAP’ tag a conjunction – Administratively Accountable to People), can be termed as a unique political experiment of sorts which gave instant results in the recently culminated legislative assembly election for Delhi. Most psephologists were left perplexed with the outcome of the results for the Aam Admi Party.

The Birth of the AAP

Going back in the retrospective in 2011, what started as street protests by social activist Sh. Anna Hazare was catapulted to a political establishment and found a ready acceptance with the ‘commoner’ of Delhi; the term ‘Aam Admi’ quickly became synonymous with the ground level nationalist who would toil hard to yearn an honest and respectful living, who was fed up of the double mouth speak of the corrupt political structure of this country and who was ready to seek an alternative to the quagmire of rusted political class. Thus, the nemesis of Aam Admi Party can be held on ground of political follies which were now unacceptable to the electorate of this country. The passing of the baton to the newbie party, which has nil political experience, can certainly be termed as a unique phenomenon which the ‘janta’ of this country is ready to accept.

A Step Forward

The foundation of AAP was further set by the official announcement of forming a political party by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, who, backed by his credentials as a social activist, was left with no option but to enter the political landscape and thus as per his rightful intention, pass the ‘Jan Lokpal’ for the common man of this country. This, according to him, could be the stepping stone to end the problem of corruption in this country. The foundations on which Mr. Kejriwal launched his party were well attuned with the tone of the times which lead to anti-incumbency for the Congress. Thus was born a party with political novices who left their professional careers behind to serve the nation in right esteem, a demarche which well established parties could not identify.

AAP Leader Arvind Kejriwal With Winning Candidates AAP: A Political Phenomenon

Aap Aadmi Party(AAP) Leader Arvind Kejriwal during a meeting with party’s winning candidates in New Delhi. (Photo: IANS)

What Lies Ahead

What lies ahead for AAP is a question which has varied answers as per the current time. The AAP has certainly made its intentions clear to fight it out with political heavy weights and try to repeat the same conjunction as it did in Delhi. Party leader Mr. Kumar Vishwas has openly challenged Mr. Rahul Gandhi & Mr. Narendra Modi to contest from Amethi, considered a traditional Congress stronghold. Again the political psephologists have started to tread a different line and are opinionating and thus negating the AAP win as a one time political gimmick. Though they can be right in their own sense but what if they again are proved wrong?

A Well Deserved Victory

The two main political parties (Congress and the BJP) have started to sincerely evaluate the recently changed political scenario of this country; AAP has certainly become a force to reckon with. Mr. Rahul Gandhi has, on record, admitted the follies of the Congress and accepted what needs to be learned from the Aam Admi Party- a party formed on the basis of political paralysis and ineffectiveness of the incumbent government, a party which is strongly advocating anti-corruption philosophy and by virtue of its clean-image candidature, is giving goose bumps to established political legacies. The AAP truly deserves the accolades and a warm welcome into the dirty world of politics. India in the 21st century needs change; both the young and old of this country are hopeful that the foundations on which the AAP stands will give them a moral boost and thus prove that politics is actually no rocket science and all it needs is grit and gumption to prove and perform. Till then Mr. Kejriwal, all the ‘Mango People’ of this ‘Banana Nation’ are waiting and watching!

By Sanjeev Jaggi

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