The AAP is slowly revealing it’s dishonest brand of politics, with every media hogging dharna they stage and every baseless allegation they make. Much to everyone’s dismay, they’re like any other political party of the country, or perhaps even worse.

AAP:  Hum rajneeti karne nahin aayein hain, hum logon ki seva karne aayein hain.

Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP are playing politics with and are claiming to be working selflessly for the aam aadmi on the streets. This claim sounds phony. AAP is not only utterly dishonest with the common man but also sly in their political designs. The AAP does not care if the country goes into anarchy. It does not care about external forces trying to create instability or insecurity in the country. National interests on all fronts are compromised and the political stand AAP has adopted clearly looks anarchical. It is slowly exposing its fake brand of politics.

kejriwal junta durbar AAPs Politics in 2014: Readers Voice

Delhi Chief Minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal addresses press during janta durbar at his residence in Ghaziabad on Dec.29, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

AAP is irresponsible, irrational, politically motivated, crafty, and self serving. They are really not into politics for doing any good for the people of Delhi as they claim to be, but to destabilize democratic systems along the lines of Maoists and Naxalites. The only difference is that the AAP does not carry guns and kill people. But getting people with extremist thinking in governance is more dangerous. The extremists inside the government can destroy the country with their views and use the government machinery to destabilize the country.

The AAP with their extremist ideas in governance is following undemocratic, uncivilized rule.

They are playing a big game and in this game the AAP is with the corrupt Congress which is even more dangerous. The Congress too is playing a bigger political game to get political millage for 2014 elections. It is providing political support to the AAP in Delhi with a cunning game plan to fight their political battle with BJP and Modi by using and misusing AAP. And the AAP is ready to be used and abused by Congress which clearly means that the AAP is batting for the Congress.

The day the AAP decided to form the government in Delhi with Congress support, it was clear the AAP did not believe in any ideology, and was willing to compromise their principles for the lust of power. It is nothing but moral and political corruption by AAP which claims that it decided to float a political party to fight corruption in governance at all levels. Getting the support of the Congress was not a problem for the AAP, but coming to power was its ultimate aim and that is when the party got exposed with their phony character.

The AAP is completely phony and hypocritical and is proving to be no different than other political parties.

AAP leader rikshaw AAPs Politics in 2014: Readers Voice

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) legislator Rakesh Garg arrives at Delhi Legislative Assembly on his e-rickshaw while another legislator on a luxury car at Delhi Legislative Assembly in New Delhi on Jan.1, 2014. (Photo: Amlan Paliwal/IANS)

The dharna against Arun Jaitley by the AAP on the streets of Delhi was nothing but a political stunt; a well thought out drama to divert the attention of the people of Delhi and India from their governance role. And it was a clever strategy adopted by the AAP to get media focus to promote the party’s profile for the 2014 elections. It is getting wide media exposure 24 X 7. But it does not realize, this very media exposure is exposing their political motives rather than helping them promote their image. Everyone can see through their political nautanki. Today in 2014, people are no fools.

The AAP don`t seem to believe in rule of law at all from the way they accuse anyone and everyone without any evidence. They hold press conferences and just make wild allegations without providing any tangible proof for anyone to believe in or produce in the court of law. They confess that they do not have proof for their allegations and yet expect us to take the word of their elected representative? They say it should be good enough to believe their charges against Modi and Arun Jaitley who they claim are trying to buy AAP members by offering 10-20 Crores to a few AAP members to break away from the party. Even if there is truth in what they allege, it needs to be substantiated with some tangible proof. Are these educated people in AAP so ignorant about the law? Some of them are law graduates; it is hard to believe, are they simply stupid?

Or are they playing their own political game with everyone?

Two days back, their Chief Minister announced a list of corrupt politicians on the streets of Delhi by asking the members of the AAP who all should be included in the list. That street drama looked more like a Khapp Panchayat. Does the AAP want to deliver justice on the streets like the Taleban does? What does the AAP think, is this banana republic? This country has a constitution that protects rights of all. No one can make wild allegations and not own a responsibility for proving them in the court of law. Arvind Kejriwal and his team members, playing the role of prosecutors, witnesses and the jury is highly irresponsible and unconstitutional. This is true especially coming from a person who is holding a high constitutional post and heading the government. It is not just AAP’s word against another’s. If he wants to follow street politics, let him step down from the governance and make a mockery of politics as much as he wants. But not while holding a constitutional post.

AAP protest safety of women AAPs Politics in 2014: Readers Voice

Aam Aadmi Party workers during a demonstration at Jantar Mantar to press for safety of women of Uganda in New Delhi on Feb.5, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

This is a very ridiculous yet serious political situation because an elected government is involved in the protests and dharnas but not in governance that they promised people of Delhi in their election campaigns. Good and non-corrupt governance was their commitment to the people with many other promises on power, water, security to women, price reduction, justice for all, aam aadmi participation in the governance and a referendum on all major issues. No serious work on these promises has been done. Today, the AAP’s sole target seems to be Narendra Modi and BJP seniors and not really the Congress. All the tamasha on the streets of Delhi is to defame the BJP and Modi and to hog the limelight and to stay in the news.

This kind of politics by the AAP raises many other questions of very serious nature which we should not and must not ignore.

Is he a prop sponsored by some political interest or party? Are outside forces supporting this movement?  Are the enemies of India trying to spread anarchy in the country with a political interest? The foreign funds AAP is getting are not disclosed by them till today. The news is Manish Sisodia was running an NGO and getting huge funds from foreign foundations. Arvind Kejriwal too was running an NGO for getting foreign aid and the amounts received by Sisodia and Arvind Kejriwal are huge.

Who are these people who are financially aiding this political party in India? What are their interests?

In today’s world everything is possible in politics. Everyone is purchasable and everyone is for sale, barring a few exceptions. We cannot paint all with the same brush but looking at the present day self serving politics of convenience, no one can be ruled out. The people who show utter disrespect for the Republic Day openly, the people who support Khapp Panchayat justice system, the people who believe in Taleban style functioning and justice on the streets- these people cannot govern a state, let alone a country. India is in a vulnerable state and manipulative politics are working have been working for the past 20-30 years, supporting the IM, ISI and Hafeez Said to destabilize the Indian economy, democracy and development.

AAP protest delhi police AAPs Politics in 2014: Readers Voice

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) workers during a demonstration led by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to demand action against police officials charged of alleged dereliction of duty in New Delhi on Jan.21, 2014. (Photo: Amlan Paliwal/IANS)

Seriously, we need to think before letting the wrong people govern. This is the time to save India from going into the wrong hands.

The AAP is exposed everyday with their politics of convenience and arrogance. Their attitude and political approach is more like Union leaders on the streets we have seen. AAP is doing exactly the same. AAP today is fighting their own political battle and not for the aam aadmi. Their own political interests are the 2014 elections. After coming to power, they have not delivered anything but the 28 seats in Delhi elections have made Arvind Kejriwal and his team swollen headed and arrogant.Voters of India need to watch out in the 2014 elections if politics is threatened by such unruly anarchists.

We ask: Arvind Kejriwaljee, yeh rajneeti nahin toh kya hai? Yeh kya nautanki hai?

By Ajay Angre

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