Here’s an open confession by an AAP Volunteer- Read to know the inside story of Aam Aadmi Party & its politics along with some open questions to AAP leaders

I am just like millions of youth members who became party volunteers not because we liked anyone leader particularly but because we saw hope. Hope for something different, hope for Swaraj, hope for a new politics. It was when this party was campaigning in Delhi in Nov’13 that I connected with AAP. I too was amazed and felt the instant affinity for this party. It looked like that it can bring the India I dreamt of, the same India that Bhagat Singh and to an extent Nehru had visioned.

AAP candlelight vigil Frustrated With AAP

Aam Adami Party (AAP) volunteers during a candlelight vigil to protest against police lathi-charge on Allahabad University students in Allahabad on Jan.5, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

I became a non-active AAP member. Don’t be focused on the adjective guys as I have huge liabilities, responsibilities of family I couldn’t leave my job and became an active member, no matter how strongly I wanted to do that. Anyway lets not err and focus on AAP and not on huge responsibilities on Indian youth for now(Though it gives me respite to vent it out). Mr. Arvind Kejriwal became my hero, AAP became ‘my’ party.

I joined AAP as I liked the intent of the party-Swaraj,Anti Corruption,Secularism,Lokpal and so many other issues. No wonder I became ecstatic and emotionally happy to see AAP won Delhi election 2015 with a landslide victory. But then my dream was short-lived as if I was living in illusion. The internal conflict in AAP-Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan on one side and Kejriwal on the other. But Why? Isn’t the fighting to be done with Modi, Gandhis and Vadras and Shahs and not within ourselves.

At this point I would like to  also mention that I started liking Yogendra Yadav too-for his patient conduct, for his immensely admirable oratory skills. He never shouted and stooped to a low that politicians these days came in news for but he was different.

A solace,a relaxing affair it was when I saw him on news channels in debates which made me stupefied  in the same way as I was when listening to Mohd Rafi songs.When this rift came in I learnt about Prashant Bhushan as well a man who has the courage to stand against the mighty system and the courage to stand alone even if nobody is with him.That took no time and I was impressed with Yogendra and Prashant too. Same goes with other leaders-Kumar Vishwas, Ashish Khaitan,Ahustosh and many more who left their lucrative job to serve the nation.

This is why I joined AAP. So, is the internal rift not making it just another party. How come the top position in the party became more important than the idea of serving our nation, our motherland. In the midst of the dirty rift I heard Arvind Kejriwal saying ” agar mujhe dilli ka chunav ladna hai to uske faisle lene ka hak mujhe hona chahiye” saying this to YY & PB. But I guess the idea of serving the nation has been at least diluted to an extent(if not died). Is becoming the top decision maker the only thing they want to fight for. Is the fighting for the plight of poor, for that of common man is not your agenda, Mr Kejriwal?

AAP War Frustrated With AAP

I want to ask all top leaders-YY,PB, AK KV etc you could have structured the party in such a way that a mutual decision would have been accepted in every issue. Have you forgotten the idea of Swaraj? Mr. YY & PB do you still want to tell your grandchildren years later that you left AAP because you wanted the top post and wanted to remove AK from the same. If AK is in top post, whats the big deal, let it be. Let his tenure end and fight elections. Why give importance to a party post instead of the dreams that every individual supporting you has seen? Why can’t you serve the party and people without eyeing on top post?

Irrespective of who is on the convenor’s chair, continue serving the party and the millions of people who have shown the faith in you. This faith is the strongest Mr. Bhushan, this faith is mightier Mr. Yadav. I can guarantee that if you would have done that your grandchildren would have said the same thing and have felt the same as the grandchildren of Bhagat Singh would do.But you thought otherwise, you wanted the defeat for party in Delhi elections.Your intentions were not right. As we say in Hindi ” Niyat kharab ho to kbhi achha nhi hota”

Same goes with AK, why are you giving more importance to the top post? You have become the CM of Delhi, you should have left the convenor’s post yourself and let someone else show way to the party. You can take this as  a warning Mr. Kejriwal- I am not sure whether it is consciously or unconsciously you are developing  an affinity for the ‘power’, for the chair and for the top post. Leave it and serve the nation, for which you have come in politics and trust me slowly you will see the entire nation will come with you.

I ask again to all – Why has it become the question of top post and why not about serving people, to be united and fight the mightier The Modis, the Shahs and the Gandhis. Let this end and come united to fight them. We are with you.

By: David

A concerned, frustrated AAP volunteer

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