AAP has had a unique way of raising money for fighting corruption: by inviting generous donors for exorbitant meals. So what was on the Rs 20,000 menu?

What Does Rs 20,000 Get ?kejriwal amul ad AAP   RS 20,000 DINNER MENU

  1. The AAP has unique ways of doing most things. Arvind Kejriwal certainly enjoys a very unique place in Indian politics – and the #MufflerMan is once again in the news. AK and his team want to clean up politics, and for this the money raised in a unique way as well.
  2. This is not the first time they have done this – In March of this year, former Infosys CFO and AAP member V Balakrishnan went on record to explain the method of raising funds by organising events such as dinners and lunches. This is apparently a good way to raise money and for people to meet #MufflerMan Arvind Kejriwal; reportedly a common practice across the world. (Source Money Control)
  3. These fundraisers aren’t just here in India but abroad as well. on Easter Weekend in April, a fundraising event was organised in Botany, Auckland at a Punjabi Dhaba. This one cost $200 and included food, soft drinks entertainment and speeches. (Source )
  4. People play exorbitant prices for such AAP organised meal events – in Mumbai, such a lunch event cost Rs 20,000 if one was desperate enough to meet Kejriwal or a staunch enough supporter of the AAP and its ideologies.
  5. Clearly the generous donors attended the function for reasons other than the food. The menu as been widely publicized; alas the food doesn’t appear to be great shakes:AAP lunch buffet AAP   RS 20,000 DINNER MENU
  6. Not a bad idea either, considering that the AAP was able to raise Rs 91 lakhs by virtue of the lunch organised. Next stop Kolkata and Bangalore, it would seem. (Source – India Today)
  7. The BJP is not best pleased with the AAP’s methods and has called for a probe into this latest fundraising event. The AAP has been asked to provide names of people attending as well. (Source – Times)
  8. AAP has countered these charges by riposting that they are the only party with transparent fundraising. To be sure this is a transparent way of going about collecting money – it may be outrageous yes, exorbitant, most certainly but not underhand, it has to be said.
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