With contradictory statements from within the Party, outright criticisms of policies, questionable usage of power and funds and very obvious favoritism, the time has come to ask if the AAP is just running of shallow bravado and no real content.

It’s not just Laxmi Nagar MLA Vinod Kumar Binny, who is creating a ruckus in the party. There have been many recent instances which are exposing the Aam Aadmi Party’s flaws and frivolities.

AAP Rally Amethi Is the AAP Running on Sheer Bravado?

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Kumar Vishwas addresses a rally at Rahul Gandhi’s home turf, Amethi in Uttar Pradesh on Jan.12, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Chaos and Confusion

In Rishikesh, at a brainstorming session dealing with future strategies of the party for the Lok Sabha Polls, the session turned into real storm, leaving the party cadres fighting each other and throwing chairs in the presence of Sanjay Singh and the newly joined journalist Ashutosh! The poet turned AAP’s star performer, Kumar Vishwas is openly criticising the credentials of AAP debutant Mallika Sarabhai, also candidly accepting his  non-aam aadmi like ‘weaknesses’ for  five star hotels and club class flight passes. On the other hand, Malviya Nagar MLA and Law Minister Somnath Bharati is being cornered for just reasons while Mr. Kejriwal is desperately trying to defend him, spending a lot of his time and energy.

BJP rally against somnath bharati Is the AAP Running on Sheer Bravado?

BJP workers take out a rally from Police headquarter to Delhi Secretariat against Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti in New Delhi on Jan.15, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Discrepancies from Within

One after one honchos from the corporate world, banking, share market, real estate and else are queuing up to join the AAP bandwagon, mostly seeking tickets from prime constituencies; in Mumbai, Delhi or elsewhere. Sanju Verma of Violet Arch Security, Meera Sanyal of RSB fame or Sameer Nair, former CEO of Star TV- these are a few names of people who have pledged their service to the aam janta of the country. But after the recent contentious FDI decision of the AAP Government in Delhi, many of them have already become apprehensive. The party’s recent catch, former Air Deccan Chief, Captain Gopinath has criticised AAP’s decision on Twitter calling it bizarre! Tina Sharma, the AAP leader who was in the BJP earlier, is openly criticising the party’s lackadaisical attitude towards women’s security in Delhi. “Why have the issues of women become unimportant to the party? Why have they become ceremonial?” Sharma has questioned. Alka Lamba, another popular Congress face has recently joined the AAP. But it’s now clear that she won’t be able to get a ticket from Delhi this time, so her reaction is also awaited.


While Binny is accusing Delhi CM and AAP head honcho Arvind Kejriwal of favouring his near associates in every possible manner, Tina Sharma has bitterly criticised the party by revealing that, the party has already finalised five names for Lok Sabha tickets, which includes Shazia Ilmi, Gopal Rai and Ashutosh; “Then why this formality of asking people to fill the form?” she asked. While selecting candidates, AAP is hardly maintaining a fair principle. Kanu Kalsariya, the BJP MLA from Gujarat, who joined the AAP, recently accepted in a press conference that he was almost joining the Congress party just before joining AAP! Obviously, the idea of joining AAP just arrived on his mind, seeing the big drubbing by the AAP of the Congress, in Delhi’s Assembly election.

Foul Play

medha patkar and mayank gandhi AAP Is the AAP Running on Sheer Bravado?

Social activists Medha Patkar and Mayank Gandhi during a press conference where she pledged her `active support” to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) at Azad Maidan in Mumbai on Jan.13, 2014. (Photo: Sandeep Mahankal/IANS)

Anjali Damania, the Convenor of AAP’s Maharashtra unit, who is expected to fight the Lok Sabha elections against former BJP Chief, Nitin Gadkari, is herself a highly controversial figure.  She has been accused of grabbing tribal lands in Karjat, Maharashtra and furnishing false documents for her own builder’s firm SVV Developers. Arvind Kejriwal’s close lieutenant, Mumbai based Mayank Gandhi has been accused by Krishnaji Rao, a Mumbai based RTI activist for forming an NGO to help a real estate company owned by his uncle. The Maharashtra Government had already annulled the planned project due to a scam and ordered an inquiry to find out possible complicity between the NGO and Government officials. Another NGO, Janhit Manch also demanded an enquiry against Mayank Gandhi’s NGO, and said, “We want an inquiry to be made into this as the larger issue is that of an NGO being used as a front to help a particular builder.” So, it’s becoming further questionable, what kind of people are flocking around Mr Kejriwal and his party, to build a ‘corruption free’ India. Apart from some ready populist measures, the AAP Government is unable to offer any substantial result in more than a month in power! Questions are being regularly raised about the huge Ford Foundation Grants, propelling the Kejriwal led movement!

kejriwal membership drive Is the AAP Running on Sheer Bravado?

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal during launch of Aam Aadmi party’s membership drive in New Delhi on Jan.10, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Even Arvind Kejriwal, who started his career with Tata Steel in Jamshedpur, taught at ‘Sankalp’, the RSS sponsored coaching classes, floated various NGOs in turn, and took help of various issues and movements to put him in the limelight (including the RTI move in Delhi, which he entered much later but projected himself as its key propagator), regularly lobbied with corporate houses and global bodies like IMF and allegedly used and discarded his associates and mentors regularly. He seems like a figure whose real motive is still unknown! He has no political base, no grass root base like Anna Hazare, or a long nurtured ideology. Just within a year his political performance seems phenomenal, but where he and his mission are leading is a very crucial fact to ponder about now.

By Deep Basu

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