A pre poll survey by ABP News-Nielsen shows that AAP still has an edge over the BJP and that Arvind Kejriwal enjoys loyal support of parts of the electorate.

Even After Kiran Bedi – The AAP Wave Continuespre poll survey AAP STUMPS BJP

  1. The unique phenomenon that is the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) continues to hold sway in Delhi and remains a force to reckon with even with its rather rocky history of the anarchist 48 day CM and in spite of various top leaders recently leaving for greener pastures.
  2. PartywiseVote AAP STUMPS BJPIn a recent pre poll survey, it seems that the AAP still has an edge over the BJP. An ABP News-Nielsen Snap Poll has revealed that Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP continue to enjoy the loyal support of certain parts of the electorate.
  3. Groups such as the Muslims, SC\ST\OBC and lower income group voters, continue to support the AA. The poll revealed that 46% voters plan to vote for the AAP. The poll also showed a 4% decline in support for the BJP.
  4. CM AAP STUMPS BJPArvind Kejriwal continues to be the most favoured among the chief ministerial candidates in the poll fray this time. 51% of Delhi’s people want him as CM as against 40% who favour the BJP candidate Kiran Bedi.
  5. Kejriwal’s mockery by BJP’s Kiran Bedi seems not to have negatively impacted the AAP’s fortunes. “I think he is playing sob sob. I think he must grow up. Invitations come not when you desire. They come by something else but they are never demanded, they come by rules and regulations, by protocols whatever it is,” Bedi was reported as having told a TV channel.
  6. kiran bedi townhall 650x400 big story AAP STUMPS BJPThe recent polemic launched upon Kejriwal by Bedi, including the TV interview where she has called him “very negative and highly toxic” is unseemly and seems not to have any positive resonance with the electorate.

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