From interesting facts to things you probably didn’t know – Check out everything about Delhi Election, AAP, Modi wave, Muslim Support, & Kejriwal’s win in Delhi

Aam Aadmi Party‘s landslide victory was something that ruled our community yesterday. Here we bring you the top posts which were shared on our Community on the massive victory of Arvind Kejriwal in the Delhi Elections

Indian politics: Why do Delhi Muslims Now Back AAP?

Wondering how come Muslims in Delhi state, who have been supporters of Congress party, from decades now, have suddenly switched sides towards the new Aam Aadmi Party? Read the article and know the major shift of the decade!

AAP sweeps away Delhi | Modi wave over ?

Delhi gives full support to AAP. BJP has been swiped away badly enough and Congress stands no where so far – Check out an interesting political cartoon on the AAP sweep and a huge blow to Modi mania…

AAP Projected To Sweep Delhi: Grand Fall Of The Grand Old Party Of India Continues

After scoring a historic low in Lok Sabha polls with just 44 seats, Congress performed even more miserably in different assembly polls of 2014. Add Delhi debacle to the list. Is the grand fall of the Grand Old Party of India is proving unstoppable? Here are a list of 10 questions which the Congress party should look into

The Battle For Delhi

Here’s an interesting post on the Delhi Election highlighting not just the Grand win of AAP, but the situation of India and the major political parties of India. Read here to know what Kejriwal is a big hope to be the primary challenger to Modi.

When the Common Man Wins the Delhi Elections

As the common man of India marches victorious on the streets of Delhi, the writer invites rather gives a chance to Congress and BJP to acknowledge the common man. Read more to know why Delhi has given the change which India badly!

So these were the top trending post on our community. Don’t forget to read them and post your own article or opinions on our community in Indiaopines.


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