Reader’s Voice: The Aam Aadmi Party has been elected popularly as the Government in Delhi. Alongside focusing on governance, they need to take care not to make too many undue and controversial statements.

The Election Commission has announced the probable dates of the Lok Sabha elections. Now, all the parties and their support have come into election mode. All of them are trying by all means to get voters into their fold. This is the best as well as the worst time for the voters. The competition has become even more intense.

The Customer (Voter) loves competition. However, excessive competition leads to a confused customer. Before 2013, we had only two major parties- the BJP and the Congress- at the national level and various regional parties for different states. All of them have some kind of vote base which is usually constant to some extent. Some parties fight on the basis of religion, caste, languages etc. while other have their agenda based of poverty politics. Real issues like water, power and infrastructure are always considered non-issues and never taken seriously. But then, nothing in inevitable in politics and no one can take for granted anything for too long. Come 2013 and everything changed, from the issues on which elections where fought earlier, to the selection of candidates. The frustration of voters coupled with the failure of the old political model to tackle scams and corruption led to the birth of a new part- the Aam Aadmi Party. Political opponents discarded the party as a party pooper and only a small-time member.

The results of the Assembly Elections showed a mirror to traditional parties and told them to learn the lesson of new-age politics. AAP won with huge support from the common man and finally swept Delhi and was able to form the govt. Along with power came huge responsibility. The expectation from the people is quite high- particularly from young Indians who are restless and vying for a change. For them, meritocracy should be kept at higher pedestal and hence the governance should be free from bias and have transparency and accountability. People should have equal representation and justice should be available to all, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and place of birth which is still a mirage for most people in India. There is a huge disconnect between the political establishment and the common man. AAP should try to fill the gap.

People do not want hundred percent results out of the promises made to them but there should be a display of genuine concern. As AAP has already declared that it will contest all over India, the four months available before elections, for them, are very crucial. Already, AAP has made a good start over a tough wicket. Announcing free water and a cut in the electricity tariff, they have already completed some of the issues that marred the common man. Along with this, AAP should refrain from giving too many undue and uncalled-for statements. Political power is a double-edged sword. Only time will tell how long the party will go. Before that, they ought to keep on doing good work irrespective of the hurdles created by other parties.

By Hitesh Singh Pundir

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