The election season turned out to be the best time to join twitter; here are a few thoughts on some Twiiter trolls mainly talking about the AAP.

I started using twitter last year and no doubt it is a comparatively better platform than Facebook in terms of humor, intellectualism and much more except for “friendship”. It has been a really good experience and I must say on twitter, the main motto is “Divided by politics, United by Humor”. And I am clearing that I’m not writing this article being a supporter of any party. In fact, if  I will have to choose between Congress and BJP then the odds are 35/65. And if the AAP’s candidate is very good, then I will vote for the best candidate.

And for all people (who are thinking that Modi has developed Gujarat), I just want to say that there are states, which are more developed than Gujarat – Haryana, Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala, and perhaps Karnataka, Tamil Nadu etc. – by that logic, the CM of these states must be PM candidates. Just check the facts of Maharashtra and Haryana for the past ten years and compare them with Gujarat.

1) @RoflGandhi_No doubt this man is an AAP fan. I love and respect your humor; for me, you are the one of the funniest men/women on twitter. And yes thisperson has a problem with other “neutral” trolls also as @GappistanRadio, @rahulroushan, @fakingnews etc. For obvious reasons your hatred towards them is due to AAP, as they bash AAP whole day long. I don’t have any issues with you because I don’t care if you love AAP or BJP . Best of luck man, keep making us laugh with your witty humor.

2) @bhak_sala: This man hates AAP. And it is because of “AK” and due to status quo (what I think). I respect his political intellectualism. But I hate you, because you are one of the most negative trolls on twitter; mostly you tweet negativity. I hope that an open letter to you by someone who liked your page on Facebook, to which you agreed, makes me and my stand correct. I liked when you agreed with him, but was sadder when you didn’t change your behavior. Sorry to say, but your DP matches you. I also hate another thing of yours, the way you abuse AAP’s trolls. No, you don’t abuse them because they abuse you (I don’t think if AAP’s trolls are abusive, but aggressive, as of my experience they NEVER use abusive words) but you hate AK. That’s the sad part. And one more thing you consider yourself “neutral”. No buddy, you aren’t neutral. I know you are going to vote for Modi (Sorry if I’m wrong). It’s ok, it’s not a problem. The problem is that you actually bash AAP mostly for their few mistakes, but don’t say anything for Modi and BJP.(You bash BJP also but I’m saying in majority). You wrote an article on Gujarat’s development; I liked it but it’s a fact that by that time Gujarat had been already a developed state and only Modi is not responsible for what he claims. Actually, it’s ironical that you believe that Modi has not “developed” (supposedly) Gujarat, it’s the Gujjus who have – but still you will vote for Modi because you want a developed India. You also say that riots happened in Bihar andUP also but no one gave them importance or gives them importance as compared to the 2002 riots. I agree with you here that no one says anything about people like Mulayam, Lalu etc. but Modi wants to be PM, so shouldn’t he be scrutinized? Even Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. do not have any “PM” who is accused of mass murders, so yes he must be criticized for 2002. I hope that you tweet positive more, negativity less. My best wishes.

3) @bwouyblunder: Actually, first of all I want to say sorry for my harsh words which I’m going to use for you. I respect your Modi-love. Yes, you are somewhat intellectual but more funny than intellectual. You are a big Moditard, just like one of his PR people. Only difference is that you don’t abuse. You love to bash AAP; you love Modi so much this comes automatically, so that’s no problem. Some days before @maheshmurthy posted the “truth” of the claims of Modi’s Gujarat. These were six in number, and hopefully these six covered his six big claims. But you were dancing when you proved his one “fact” wrong. (Actually I couldn’t understand the statement that Gujarat’s debt had increased very much – but still, is  Modi  good at controlling debt ?) Hope you agree that Murthy has more experience than you in these matters. Okay now I am asking you, what about other 5 facts? Either you hadn’t any facts to prove yourself right or you didn’t want to prove him wrong. Actually, the truth is that, his other 5 facts were correct. Isn’t it then ironical that you support Modi because he “developed” Gujarat? Also if you say that after 2002, no riots happened in Gujarat, you are wrong. There have been many riots but not as big as the 2002 one. You also say that he is most scrutinized CM by media or anyone. He wants to be PM of our country, he wants to run our country, shouldn’t be he scrutinized? And last I hope Modi makes your dreams come true, dream of bullet trains which even Vajpayee promised, dream of 100 cities in India, dream of AIIMS in every state. Are you sure that he will keep even 20% of his promises? If you are damn sure, then please tell me, I’ll vote for him for sure, but before it lets hope your dreams match the work done by him in Gujarat and what he promises; if even 20%, I will vote for him. I want to salute your intellectualism once again when I came to know what you think of the CIA theory: According to you AK is not a CIA agent but he is being used by the CIA and he doesn’t know it. I just want to say that 400+/572 of our MPs can do anything for money and votes. Selling the country for their greed is a small thing for them. They even manage riots for getting votes, in which Indians are killed. What more are you expecting from them? Best Wishes.

4) @ARNABGOSWAMI_: If I’m correct you are a Delhiite because you think that Arvind Kejriwal is a promising politician. I know why you think this, because you have seen Delhi during his tenure. Mostly all Delhiites have praise for him. I respect your opinion. I am writing this article on AAP. Also you don’t criticize BJP and Congress much that I am able to find any problem in your tweets. So I don’t think that I can say more about you. Because what you tweet about AAP are facts, as the one where you tweeted when AK used a  Jet plane, even when AAP haters were saying the same thing that the Jet plane was no issue. Best wishes from my side.

5) @GappistanRadio: I really don’t know why you have so much hate towards AAP. Your hate would’ve been justified if you were a Moditard but you are not. I love your sense of humour, it is of a different kind. But I couldn’t get your hatred towards AAP. If I’m correct then it started in full wave when he did his dharna. I am not his defender but I just want to say, please go to the police station, and file an FIR; you’ll get to know what’s the reality. But if you think that AK did the dharna because of Somnath, then I want you to imagine a life near a place full of prostitutes. I want to know how will your family live in that pitiful condition? Or perhaps you hate him because he does “nautanki“. Then I want to say, even Modi did a dharna (sadhbhavna) for 5 days. You hate/love AAP, it doesn’t bother me, but what bothers me is that you use words like g***** for AAPtards. If a man doesn’t agree with you, then will you start abusing him? Also you criticize your government for not providing government jobs, perhaps due to corruption; then I must say the solution is AAP. I have studied their tenure in which the corruption is very low. If you do not agree with me, then just see the letter sent by AITMC (India’s Transport Association) to AAP. They have shown support to AAP only because in his tenure, even in border areas of Delhi, they didn’t have to bribe the police, which increased their livelihood. And I’m not saying it, their letter are  saying it. I request you to introspect. By the way, how is Jr Radio? Hope he is okay. Best wishes.

6) @justicearnab: There is no doubt that you are AAPtard. If I am right then you had a linking for BJP once but now you hate it because of BJP-bot. Perhaps these BJP-bots are the reason that I have a love-hate relation with BJP. And I request you to improve your standard of jokes as they makes me laugh.

7) @daddy_san: You wrote a blog on AAP on 8th April and I really don’t know if you watch Times Now or India TV or India news etc. But according to you, AK failed in governing Delhi. Actually, there is not even a penny of truth in it. You mentioned that Somnath Bharti made the Ugandan lady to pee in public. Hope you have read that link clearly? There were no proofs that he did. Actually, you might be shocked that Somnath is the most loved person in that area. Why? Because he took on the illegal business of drugs and prostitution. Imagine a life in which your home is near to prostitutes’ work area. How will you feel? Sorry if I’m wrong but you will be more shocked that there are more fans of him in Punjab instead of Delhi. Because Punjab is the most drug-addicted state in India and even ministers of Punjab are involved in illegal things. Now it comes to governance, can you imagine if corruption comes down in just a short span of time dramatically and cleanliness in hospital increases etc. How it will happen? If I ‘m correct it will happen due to good governance only. Moreover if you thought that Anna was mastermind of Lokpal, you were again wrong. It was planned by AK, and crafted by Prashant Bhushan; Anna was made just the face of that movement. And you thought that AK had a long-term plan of it, which first started the movement, and then the political party. If it was so, then he wouldn’t have made Anna, the face of movement. Moreover, he  did not know that this movement would become so famous. No, I’m not proving you wrong; I’m just saying what I believe.

8) @doctoratlarge: I salute your intellectualism but in fact I hate you because of your hatred towards AAP and AK, just because you hate them very much. I wouldn’t have hated you if your hate was just hate. You once said that you are not a Namotard because you can joke about Namo. However, it’s not only criteria for being Namotard, for me it’s your hate towards other ones. You call them anarchic! Anarchy was 2002, 1984 etc. Moreover you think that they don’t know how to govern which is the biggest myth created by the media. You think that AK does a lot of things for publicity? You know what, even ads of BJP on AAP made news, and ironically you call it a publicity stunt. Your hatred towards AAP touched a new level when you started saying that AAP is a Congress agent (when you tweeted that Congress doesn’t need to put candidate in Varanasi as they have already), you know why you are giving vote to BJP, not only you but a lot are giving vote to BJP because of Congress’s 2G, Coal etc. You know who is the man behind most of these things-Prashant Bhushan(not totally but majority). Just a simple request: lessen your hatred, you will become one of the best twitter celebrities there is.

9) @roflindian: You are one of the best twitter celebrities. I don’t have words for or against you as I am talking about AAP and you hardly touch politics.

10) @rahulroushan: This man has covered a long journey from being a “pagal patrakr” to being a political writer. I can’t understand this man. He thinks that AAP is made by NGO vallahs so they cannot govern. When the video of AK’s conversation with Prasun Bajpai was leaked, you tweeted that it’s not big thing, its usual in media. And ironically the title of your article on Firstpost was, ‘Why video of AK matters in big way’. Your article about when Modi called Arvind Kejriwal AK49, was in favour of Modi, it’s enough to say about your neutrality. Just a few words for you: Get a life.

11) @joydas: He always makes fun of Modi. It’s okay that you hate him, but so much hatred is not good. But I must say that whatever you tweet about Modi-they are facts, unlike other tweeters who bash AAP with no facts.

12) @notthatmp: I must say every tweeple must be like this man. Yes he loves AAP, but he doesn’t tweet hatred against Modi or Congress, that’s the best thing. While tweeples who hate AAP just tweet negative things about AAP, it is evident that they don’t post good things about their politician.

13) @EngiNerd: You are other tweeter I like most because of your neutrality. Carry on, that’s the best thing for a troll.

14) @nehat_: I’m not sure if you love or loved Modi, but I like you tweets, perhaps your intellectual quotient is great. And I really liked your blog in which you said NOTA is a waste of vote, and one must vote for good candidates; not for any political party.

15) @lolenderasingh: You don’t tweet about politics, so I can’t say about you anything. But you are funny enough to follow.

16) @integerated_me: Its okay you hate AAP, but things that you mention in your blog about AAP were not reasons to hate AAP. If you compare those things which you wrote in your titles then your hatred towards other parties will be even more as compared to AAP. You said that their candidates are “Khaas“; I couldn’t find their even 90% candidates on Google. Just one thing; if you hate AAP for those things then you need to introspect.

17) @yearofrat: You tweet about politics but I don’t know which party you prefer. I can’t write anything about you. I couldn’t get why your symptoms change every day.

18) @bawli_booch: You prefer Congress, that’s enough. I agree that in Haryana, Congress has developed a lot. Then by this logic you should vote for Congress in the Assembly elections only, because in the center it has looted us. I also agree that India is developing more as compared to before, that also I agree but that implies the same for UPA-I, not for UPA-II.

19) @coolfunnytshirts Sometimes your jokes are good but sometimes they are so bad that I un-followed you. You like Modi, okay its good, hope he proves you right.

20) @goliwalebaba You have good sense of humour. Keep it up. I don’t know if you like AAP or not but I like it when you tweet about them.

21) @kitanurag You have great jokes in kitty. Keep it up. You don’t tweet about politics, so I can’t say anything about you.

22) @ra_bies Its great that you like Modi, I like it but I think that you have misconception with AAP. I’ve mentioned them in above posts.

23) @stupidosaur What he thinks about current political scenario is best, even @cvoter has praised him because of his political intellectuality. He asks people to vote for AAP because we want a responsible and accountable opposition. He is definitely correct. If BJP would have been good opposition then UPA governments would have been more efficient. Perhaps it’s the reason that I’ll not vote for BJP

24) @waatho: You tweeted that AAP doesn’t know about capitalism but knows about crony capitalism, its interesting. Then you need to check about their members as Meera Sanyal(RBS bank) Manisha Latha( she had big position in Axis bank), Sanjeev Aga(ex-CEO, Idea), Sameer Nair(Ex-CEO, Star news) and others. And if you want to know about crony capitalism, then you need to know about Parshant Bhushan, he is the man behind PILs against cronies as 2G, Coal etc. Also you congratulated @bwouyblunder for he proved 1/6 claim of @maheshmurthy “wrong”(I don’t think if he proved it wrong), okay then what about other 5 claims.

25) @trendulkar: Nothing, just waiting for another India-Pak cricket match.

26) @jhunjhunwala: Must follow person on twitter.

27) @gabbbarsingh: Hey I spelled your name correct first of all.

28) @dorkstar: You are one of the best tweeple, because you are neutral. Great, keep it up.

28) @punditmusings: You are the best intellectual I’ve seen on twitter politically. You always say what is right. You mostly no political leanings; you praised BJP for their manifesto, praised UPA and praised AAP(mostly).

By Anonymous

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