Can AAP claim to clean up Delhi without cleaning itself from within?

Thanks to the traditional change in Original Politics of AAP, winners are rewarded and this kick starts the slow selective blind justice trail.

Instead of removing tainted candidates/MLAs with volunteers consent AK-67 chose to shamefully remove the originals who raised the issue of CLEAN corruption free leadership. We (activists) have to remain a simple Aam Admi and not become a Mahatma for this inner cleaning.

How can AAP claim to clean Delhi without self cleaning?

AAP IS AAP a Waste of Volunteers Energy

AAP must stop competing with BJP for a clever Clean Delhi Public Certificate only after Delhi faces 12 days stinking strike deadlock of sanitation workers. See the misuse of volunteers as blind followers protesting for wrong reasons to save Corrupt Delhi Law Minister.

In this slow expensive and selective Police investigation by biased BJP see why AAP blocked the role of a volunteer feedback in clearing the candidate names including Delhi Law Minister.

Alert on Bad Candidate Selection & Inner Democracy

Students of the University are protesting. Eggs and slippers were thrown along with ink on the said 420 Law Minister. Compromise with old standards of Candidate Selection means what Police is doing today since 9th  to 13th..June-2015 during four day Police Remand of Delhi Minister. The slow expensive investigation includes the trip- going to the college checking the batch mate, Science laboratory and teacher identification etc. all such was to be done by AAP Volunteers which was compromised by Arvind on basis of fake RTI and false affidavit.

Expelled AAP members including Prashant Bhushan ,Yogender Yadav, Anand Kumar and Ajit Jha had been crying for course correction via few demands.

It is now clear that Arvind Kejriwal High Command trust can be fixed by false papers and any influential candidate with wrong inputs can become a Minister.

Arvindkejriwal AAP IS AAP a Waste of Volunteers Energy

If activists & volunteers of AAP continue to remain as blind followers soon AK-67 shall expel the AAP jailed Law minister Delhi and shift the blame on others or show excuse of No selection mechanism.

Volunteers and Activists of any organisation need to learn from this incidence, remain alert and united to safeguard the process and not one person.

 By Rakesh Manchanda

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