A satire on factually incorrect abduction of Draupadi shown on Star Plus Mahabharat

Once again mamashri and Duryodhan are at their notorious best in Star Plus Mahabharat, so much that the duo wants to interfere in every misdeeds committed even by others. So, while in reality it was just Jayadratha the King of Sindhu who had thought of abducting Draupadi, here we see Duryodhan and Shakuni taking all the abduction credits from him. leaving not even a single chance to came in limelight in this Mahabharat series for the audiences of the 21st century.

jarasandh puts shakuni duryodhan in magadh prison fact or fiction Abduction of Draupadi in Star Plus Mahabharat   Uncensored

Shakuni and Duryodhan Planning Draupadi’s Abduction in Star Plus Mahabharat

Duryodhan: Mamashri, we need to ruin the Pandavas before they bounce back on us again after their vanvas

Shakuni: Mere Bachche, don’t you worry, I won’t let them finish their vanvas. As soon as it about to get over we will abduct Draupadi.

Duryodhan: What an idea, sirji, oops I mean Mamashri. But, can we abduct her right now? (And in all the happiness picks him up)

Shakuni: Yes, my bachche…but please don’t drop me

duryodhan shakuni Abduction of Draupadi in Star Plus Mahabharat   Uncensored

(Dushashan gets excited and cannot hide his excitement as after pulling Draupadi’s saree he is now even more thrilled to abduct her from a forest. He is busy dreaming his abduction scene inspired from Ram Gopal Verm’a film)

Shakuni, Looking at the lost Dushashan’s face and understanding his state of mind finally shouts, ” No Dushashan, not you this time…Try to understand, everybody should get a chance to meet and talk to the item girl, Draupadi. Let, Jayadhratha, your brother in law do it.”

(Now, Jayadratha cannot hide his happiness and jumps in at the opportunity by doin a Haain inspired by Akshay Kumar of Houseful 2)

Jayadratha: Oh, yes, abhi! I shall go and abduct her mamashri.. After all “Your wish is my command”

And this is how the planning of Abduction takes place in Swastik Pictures Mahabharat…

Jayadratha On Mission: Abduct Draupadi

Scene I

As soon as he reaches the forest he sees Draupadi sitting with Nakul and doing some kind of time pass. He makes strong noises and shoos away Nakul from the scene and kidnaps Draupadi while Shakuni, Duryodhan and team are waiting for him at the end of the jungle. However, there comes Arjun like a hero unlike the Police of Bollywood movies and in a swirl of wind takes away both Jayadratha and Draupadi, making Shakuni and Duryodhan where did they disappear?

draupadi bheem Abduction of Draupadi in Star Plus Mahabharat   Uncensored

Scene II

Jayadrath is right at the center lying on the ground surrounded by the Pandavas who are ready to pounce at him like tigers. Draupadi wants Bheem to kill him. So, she orders him to kill. Draupadi is one cunning lady, she knows Bheem loves her very much and so she dictates him, however never ushers her love to him. Then, she is reminded only of Arjun. Ok, back to the scene, Arjun convinces Bheem not to kill him as he is Dussala’s husband and they cannot see their sister as a widow. But, to punish him Bheem shaves off Jayadratha’s head leaving 5 streaks of hair at 5 different places.

Draupadi’s Abduction by Jayadratha in Mythological Mahabharat

In reality the credit of Draupadi’s abduction only goes to Jayadratha, who was so magnitized by her beauty that he wanted her as  his queen. In addition, there was no Nakul sitting besides Draupadi but Dhaumya, the Pandavas priest. Besides, it was not Arjun who decided to leave Jayadratha but Yudhishtr, the elder of all the Pandavas.

Here, in the mythology, Draupadi urged Bheem to kill the demon in the battlefield and Bheem vowed the same and as a punishment with a razor sharped arror shaved Jayadratha’s head leaving only five tufts.

The Final Words…

So, you see Draupadi’s abduction was not planned by Shakuni or Duryodhan by instinctively done by Jayadratha who was smitten by Draupadi’s beauty.

By: Deepti Verma

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