Finally it is happening in Kumkum Bhagya!

In Kumkum Bhagya, we saw how Pragya exposed Aaliya (Shikha Singh) in front of everybody in the Mehra house. Next, she even exposed Raj. Much to everybody’s surprise, Pragya even revealed the real reason why was Raj jailed. Yes, she did bring Mitali’s truth not only in front of Raj but everybody present at the scene. Things are in favor of Pragya and it seems that she will soon reach her final aim.

Purab Has Revealed Pragya’s Truth to Sarla

Sarla who cursed Pragya for changing colors now knows that whatever she did was only for Abhi. Sarla has realized that not trusting Pragya was a mistake. Regretting her decision, Sarla has now vowed to help her daughter Pragya by any means. So, along with Purab and Daadi even Sarla is with Pragya.

kumkum bhagya purab sarla Abhi Pragya to Reunite in Kumkum Bhagya Finally!

Pragya Has Disguised Herself as a Watchman to Expose Tanu in Kumkum Bhagya

The only person who is yet to be nabbed is Tanu. She has been fooling him from months now. However, he has no idea that she is not carrying his child but Nikhil’s child. This is the reason why Pragya will now disguise herself as a watchman and try to keep a tab on Tanu. Yes, just like Bulbul once became a sardarji. However, this time, it seems Pragya is determined to get hold of Tanu and expose her anyhow.

pragya kumkum bhagya Abhi Pragya to Reunite in Kumkum Bhagya Finally!

The look donned by Pragya has a resemblance to that of Charlie Chaplin and Tanu will surely have difficulty in finding the truth about this watchman. Pragya in disguise will surely catch Tanu red handed in Kumkum Bhagya and Tanu will soon realize that it is the end of her drama.

Tanu Will Soon Know that Dadi is With Pragya

Though Pragya as a watchman is expected to meet her goals, buzz is that Tanu will soon realize that Dadi is helping Pragya. Fearing that the two will expose her, she will fill Abhi’s ears against Pragya as well as Dadi. She will try to instigate Abhi against his own dadi. Yes, according to the sources Tanu will tell Abhi that even his Dadi is running for his money and this is precisely the reason why she helped Pragya. This will disturb Abhi. Yes, he will be so hurt that he will decide to leave the house forever.

dadi pragya kumkum bhagya Abhi Pragya to Reunite in Kumkum Bhagya Finally!

This is when Pragya along with Dadi will expose Tanu in front of Abhi. Abhi will then realize what a fool he was to believe Tanu. This will mark the end of Tanu drama and Abhi – Pragya will reunite. Yes, it will happen finally in Kumkum Bhagya.

kumkum bhagya pragya abhi Abhi Pragya to Reunite in Kumkum Bhagya Finally!


Fans after waiting for almost a year will now see the Rockstar Abhi and his fuggi together. According to the sources, Pragya will then shed her glamorous look and will be back in her de-glam look.

Image Source: Snapshot from video

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