Mamata Banerjee’s prince-like nephew Abhishek Banerjee’s politics always exudes immoralism and violence which subjects him to the full glare of media.

Mamata Banerjee’s near-and-dear nephew has once again coruscated extreme violence through his words. What he uttered is a sheer shame for the TMC.
“Those who muster enough courage to show their eyes, we will gouge them. If someone raise their hands on us, we will chop them off. But you should know that that in democracy, the penultimate call is common man’s,” Abhishek Banerjee said on Monday while addressing a meeting in Basirhat area of North 24 Parganas.

This is what Mamata’s rule gives rise to



Bengali version of Ram lakhan

mamtas gems2 Abhishek Banerjee The Gabbar Of Bengal


Is Abhishek Banerjee  Bengal’s Rober Vadra?



When tears become eyes


abhishek tmc Abhishek Banerjee The Gabbar Of Bengal



Bengali Version Of Sholay

gabbar bengal Abhishek Banerjee The Gabbar Of Bengal



Abhishek’s vicious politics soon won’t spare kids even

gouged eyes Abhishek Banerjee The Gabbar Of Bengal

Is Mamata’s boat on the verge of sink?



This is not the first time Mamata and her family have made a spectacle of themselves. Since her inception in the journey of CM , she has been caught in scams. In fact, she has many times been alleged with the charges of her association with terrorists from Bangladesh. She is held responsible for her anti-hindu politics as well. The day is not far when Bengal will be islamized under the influence of these three TMC figures. One after another disgraceful events from her side and her family members have always blemished the reputation of Bengal.

mamata Abhishek Banerjee The Gabbar Of Bengal

When his nephew poured scorn on prime minister Narendra Modi




abhishek banerjee meme Abhishek Banerjee The Gabbar Of Bengal


By Prerna Daga

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