Does one’s religion restricts him to be honest? Is it the fear for god that can even push a murderer to be honest?

I would like to add my opinion to the article with the caption ‘Why not abolish the religious swearing in court’  that I received today.
Indian Religion Why Not Abolish The Religious Swearing In Court
This ‘swearing in court’ might have been initiated on the assumption that Indians are normally god fearing people. When we go to temples we are supposed to discard our bad characteristics and present our ‘pure’ selves to god. Besides, Indian psyche has been etched with the wisdom that sinners will be punished (ultimately by god).Common sense  says that one ‘believes’ in one’s ‘own’ god.
court swearing in Why Not Abolish The Religious Swearing In Court
The court swearing  could be meant with this context. In other words, an accused person will speak only the truth since he swears by the name of god. And what is more, since he believes sincerely only in his god,it is hoped he will not speak lies.Whereas he does not believe in gods of other religions, we come to have doubts over his statements.
So, the idea of a common acceptable mode of ‘swearing’  goes much against the ‘intent’ of this very practice.Atheism or Secularism has got nothing to do here. Eliciting honest confession being the sole aim, the name of god is being  only exploited.
By Kallan Krishnaraj
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