On hand we want India to be free from religious based politics and on the other hand our courts practice religious based legalities? Repeal religious vows.

Much to my amazement, Shiv Sena, who has fetish to be in a religious berserk had put made a pitch for repealing the legal procedure where convicts’ and witnessers’ swearing hands fall on their respective religious books.

bal thackeray shiv sena Why Not Abolish The Religious Swearing In Court?

Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray once said that every religion is equal in the eyes of law and hence, the sacred book of constitution should be generalized and put into use.

constitution of india Why Not Abolish The Religious Swearing In Court?

Well, I’m quite in consonance with what Thackeray proposed for. For, if secularism is what we practice, why practice religion based legalities in the court room. It’s high time to break these ossified, religious shackles.

Why not adopt Dr. Bhimrao’s crafted constitution as one general testament to the truth?

Let’s wait for this rationally-sound, impending reformation.

By Prerna Daga

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