“Nothing is absolute truth in this world or even in the Universe.”- Read the reasoning here. Also, the difference between ‘Absolute Truth’ & Relative Truth’

We know Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. It is so difficult that even many of the scientists have not understood it properly. So it is better to tell that we (most of us, who are students of science) have heard of the theory, but we say we know although we know very little about it.

HDF2 Nothing is Absolute Truth

When I was a student of class VII, my science teacher once told in the class about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which was as follows: 

My dear students, Theory of Relativity is very difficult to understand. You are small boys and girls. So I am giving a simple example from which you can have a simple idea about the Theory of Relativity. In this Universe nothing is absolutely true. Everything is relatively true. For example let us consider your age. You are now aged about 12 yrs (all the students in our class were about 12 yrs). But the statement that “your age is 12 yrs” is not an absolute truth. It is only a relative truth. “Your age is 12 yrs” means “The Earth has become 12 yrs old since your birth till today.” If one of you by some means or other go today to the planet Jupiter and could live there for 10 yrs and then again come back to Earth after 10 yrs, you will find that all your class mates would be about 132 yrs by that time, where as you would be only 22 yrs. In fact almost none of your classmates would be alive by that time, but you would be a young man of 22 yrs. This would happen, because 1 year on Jupiter is equal to almost 12 yrs on Earth. When you stay for 10 yrs on Jupiter, about 120 yrs would have passed on Earth. Hence your age is not an absolute truth. It is only a relative truth. If you stay on Earth your age is governed by the age of the Earth. If you go to Jupiter your age would be governed by the age of the Jupiter. 

Similarly if you go to the Moon, stay there for one year and then return to Earth, you would find yourself as old as almost 42 years whereas your classmates are young men of only 13 years. You would look as old as 42 years, whereas your classmates would look like young teenagers of almost 13 years. 

If you go to the planet Mercury, stay there for 10 years and then return to Earth, you would look like a man of about 52years, whereas your classmates would be young men of 22 years at that time. 

If you can travel in the space at a speed equal to the speed of light for 1000 years and then return to Earth, you will be still at the age of 12 years. Your age will not advance, whereas 1000 yrs would have passed on Earth by that time. If you can travel in the space at a speed more than the speed of light, your age will gradually become less and less and one day you would be a newborn baby, then a microscopic zygote and ultimately vanish. You would expire in retrograde manner. Or in other words there would be your death in the process of birth. You would be converted into imperceptible energy.” 

Our science teacher was a studious person. He was a good teacher. Many a times he used to talk in the class some ridiculous scientific hypothetical fictions, which were amusing for us to listen. Some of the students used to gossip behind him that he was semi mad.

In those days (about more than 50 years ago) we the students did not have much scope to read scientific books. Internet was beyond our dream, what to speak of reality? The science teacher’s scientific fictitious hypotheses are difficult to prove or disprove even today. After all, his hypotheses can be proved or disproved only if somebody goes to some planets, stays there for some years and then returns to Earth. Or if someone travels in the space at a speed equal to or more than the speed of light and then return to Earth after 1000 years.

With all the modern scientific knowledge scientists are now able to send human beings to the Moon.

spaceship on moon Nothing is Absolute Truth

They have sent the spacecrafts to the Mars and are planning to send human beings in near future. But it would take many more years for common human beings to go the Moon, Mars or other planets and live there comfortably. The days may come in future when common human beings may go to the Moon and Mars etc, stay there for some years and may return to Earth.

Then it can be factually proved whether my science teacher’s fictitious theory of relativity had any truth or no truth or partial truth. Most probably I would not be alive by that time. Even-if his hypotheses might be totally false, one thing which impressed me since those days is his statement which he repeatedly told in the class in different contexts that “Nothing is absolute truth in this world or even in the Universe.”

In the mean time I have grown to a man of 64 years. I experienced truth every where. But when I tried to analyze whether these truths were absolute truths or not I was mostly disappointed. If you search for the definition of truth in the dictionary or in the internet you will come across so many interpretations about truth that instead of being convinced about truth you will land into a lot of confusion. Knowledge is good, but trying to know too much about something sometimes creates more confusion than understanding.

For all practical purposes truth is something which we can verify by our sensory organs and confirm it to be correct. But our sensory organs perceive only partial, temporary or relative truths; never an absolute truth. Absolute truth is that which you cannot argue and prove to be completely, partially, temporarily or relatively untruth. I cannot put all my experiences about truth and search for absolute truth here.

absolute truth Nothing is Absolute Truth

Only a few facts will be placed below for the sake of examples:

1- In the night if you look at the sky you will find so many stars in the sky. You will think they are tiny objects emitting light continuously. You will think that what you are thinking about them is the truth. But we know from scientific knowledge that they are extremely large objects emitting immense light. They appear to be tiny objects emitting a little light, because they are very far away from us. However what you think about them is only relative truth, not an absolute truth.

2- You may argue that the stars are the truth, because we see that they do exist. But actually they are temporary or relative truth, because they will expire after a very long period. If they will expire after a very long period, then they must have been created very long ago. Since they have a beginning (birth) and an end (death), so they are not absolute truth.

3- Similarly the Earth, Moon, planets, Sun, the Universe and Multiverse all would expire one day (of course after a pretty long period, which is beyond our imagination). So they are temporary or relative truths; not absolute truth.

4- Everyday we see that the Moon travels around the Earth. This is only a relative truth. We think so, because we are on Earth and assume it to be static (we think that Earth does not move). If we go to the Moon and look from there, we will see that the Earth is rotating around the Moon. Both the statements are relative truths. None of the statements is absolute truth.

5- We see every day that the Sun rotates around the Earth. But if we can go to the Sun and look from there, we will see that the Earth rotates around the Sun. Both the statements are relative truths; not absolute truth.

6- In the solar system we think that the Sun is static and all the planets are moving around the Sun. This is also not an absolute truth, because the Sun is rotating around the Galactic Center in its orbit in the Milky Way.

7- We think that the Earth is flat. This is not an absolute truth, because the Earth is actually round.

8- The leaf is green. But to a man with color-blindness it will appear to be red. So the color we see is not an absolute truth.

9- The music is sweet. But to a man with one kind of hearing defect music appears to be noisy. So the sweetness of music is not an absolute truth.

10- The ball is round. But to a man with cylindrical visual defect it will look distorted.

With our sensory organs we experience many facts, which we think to be the truth. But if we think deeply we can know that everything, which we experience with our sensory organs, is temporary or relative truth. I have enumerated above only a few facts, which appear as gospel truths to our sensory organs, but actually they are temporary or relative truths; not absolute truths. Actually everything in this Universe or Multiverse (because recent scientific knowledge states that there are innumerable Universes) are only temporary or relative truth. Nothing is absolute thruth.

We can say that we are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting etc with our sensory organs so many facts and objects in the world and in the Universe. How can we say that all these are not absolute truth? To this I can say: “Have the scientists discovered all the truths in the solar system? Leave aside  the discovery of the infinite mysteries of the Universe and the Multiverse.”

multiverse Nothing is Absolute Truth

Einstein’s theory of relativity states that the Universe is expanding and the far parts of it are moving away from us faster than the speed of light. If that be so, then whatever powerful instrument man may invent in future and try to view the Universe, he will never be able to view the complete Universe. What to speak of the Multiverse?

In this age of science we boast of proving everything. We do not accept anything as truth unless it is scientifically proved. I salute the scientists who have invented and discovered so many wonders of science, and constantly and continuously trying to invent or discover always something new. I think they are more religious and spiritualistic people than the so called spiritualistic leaders of modern era. Generally we designate them as materialistic people and their discoveries and inventions as materialistic science. But to me they appear as real nishkama karma yogees of the modern era, because their works are devoid of selfish interest and meant for welfare of the mankind.

He, who dresses himself or herself (in this article wherever I write “he”, it is also applicable for “she”) as spiritualistic leader and gives long lectures on spiritualism in the midst of a large crowd may be regarded in general as a spiritualistic leader. But a real spiritualistic person (may not be recognized as a spiritualistic leader) is he who devotes his life in scientific discoveries and inventions for the welfare of mankind. From time immemorial cry for nonviolence, peace, morality and religion have been more of hypocrisy than of practicability and reality. Despite the cry of the moral and spiritual leaders since the inception of mankind, have immorality and corruption etc disappeared? Immorality, corruption and violence etc were there since the beginning of human civilization and will certainly be there so long as human civilization exists. Rather it appears that immorality increases as civilization advances. It proves the failure of the moral, spiritual and religious leaders. They will never be able to eradicate these.

The spiritualists can never eradicate immorality. The scientists can never discover the complete mystery of the Universe. But I earnestly and heartily salute both the categories of the great personalities with my greatest regard to their constant and continuous efforts to achieve their goal. As a man can stand with perfect stability only if his two legs are soundly balanced, similarly the human civilization can stand with perfect stability only if both spiritualism and science are soundly balanced.

But what pains me most often is the hypocrisy inside the spiritual leaders and the atheism inside the scientific personalities. Of course neither all the spiritualists are hypocrites nor all the scientists are atheists.

However whatever we perceive with our sensory organs neither scientists think them as absolute truth nor spiritualists think them as absolute truth. Spiritualists think and preach that God controls everything in the World, Universe and Multiverse. He is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. He is the Supreme Power. He was present before the Multiverse was created, He is present so long as the Multiverse exists and will exist even after the Multiverse disappears. Everything in the Multiverse may be temporary or relative truth. But the almighty God is the Truth, the only Truth and therefore the Absolute Truth. He is imperceptible to all the sensory organs of man. He does exist, but cannot be proved because He is  beyond all proof.

Science also admits that behind the mystery of the Multiverse there is dark matter, dark force and dark energy which are invisible. These constitute about 95% of the Multiverse and most probably control the matter which constitutes only about 5% of the Multiverse.

Whatever the spiritualists tell or whatever the scientists tell we, the common people (who constitute about 99% of the population of the world), have no other way than to believe them and have faith on their version.

Many scientific concepts of the past have changed by this time. Today’s scientific concepts may change in future. Hence science speaks of temporary or relative truths only. Never an absolute truth.

The concept about God has not changed since a long time. But since He is nameless man attributes various names to Him. Since He is formless man attributes various forms to Him. However it is the belief, faith and devotion which matters for Him, not the name or form, because, although He is nameless all the names are His names; although He is formless all the forms are His forms. With strong faith and devotion in whichever form you think of Him, He will appear in your heart mind and soul in that form. He is beyond truth, untruth, temporary truth and relative truth. He is the Super Truth. He is the Absolute Truth. (Shreemad Bhagavad Geeta Chapter IV Shloka 11, Chapter VIII Shloka 20, Chapter XIII Shloka 12)

But how can we ignore the atheists although they constitute a small percentage of the world population? According to them God does not exist. For them God is not truth at all! Where lies the consideration of Absolute Truth? 

By: Narayan Udgata

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