Abul Mali Captured – What’s Next?

In an extraordinarily twist and surprise to the audience, Ekta Kapoor has done something very different. While we were waiting when the chapter of Benazir will be exposed, here we have something unexpected. Oh yes, in a single episode without any talks of Abul Mali in the series from few days, we see him getting caught- What a twist in the tale!

Jodha Akbar abul mali Abul Mali Captured – What’s Next?

On Friday we saw Jodha got to know about Benazir, today we saw how she decoded her letter in puzzle and before we started anticipating where the story will unfold from here on, the historical series threw a surprise on us, by showing us Abul Mali behind bars.

Now, that Benazir is out of her khuraak, Jodha knows about her identity, Jallal is keeping a watch on her, the speculation arises – whether or not Jalal knows that she has come to poison him or not? If he does, then Jodha’s information that Benazir is the real culprit will go waste and the two would continue to be strangers, hating each other. If not, the two has a good reason to be together. Well, we can’t wait from that moment, can we?

Also, since Abul Mali looks confident even after getting caught, does he have something big in his mind? Is it, his idea to get arrested and then plan his move by living in the palace just like Sharif-ud-din? Ah, that is worth predicting. But anything can be possible, given that Sharif-ud-din is still in prison, Adham Khan is angry and Benazir is desperate to do her duty.

Let’s see what Jodha Akbar has stored for us in the coming week…

Image Source: IANS


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