A girl’s progress is nation’s progress.

For all those Modi-critiques like Rahul Gandhi, it may  be disheartening for you to know about Modi’s provision of free schooling for 1000 slum girls under ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ mission.

BBBP Acche Din Is Modi’s Free Provision Of Schooling For 1000 Slum Girls

BJP National Secretary and East Delhi MP Maheish Girri undertook the responsibility of getting underprivileged students admitted in EDMC (East Delhi Municipal Corporation) schools.

Gaining the confidence of families to allow there girls to get enrolled in school was a challenging and giant venture which the EDMC teachers ardently sailed through. The parents were counselled and thereafter, the girls were recommended for the schools.

modi beti bachao beti padhao Acche Din Is Modi’s Free Provision Of Schooling For 1000 Slum Girls

The mission is not to give out free access to schools but covering every other educational expenditure like books and copies.

Isn’t the news a feast to our eyes? 1000 if juxtaposed with the figures of slum population may sound trivial but education is a fissionary process. Like one splits into two, one literate can bring up two literates and this is how India as a nation blooms.

By prerna Daga

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