Companies such as ACER India have treated the customers in the country with such unprecedented high handedness that they have now become a subject of scorn.

Right from the time India opened up her economy to multinational corporations back in 1991, there viagra online canada pharmacy has been a steady stream of global giants who have set up their operations in the country. Most of them have been rousing successes but on the other hand there have been certain companies (such as ACER) who have treated the customers in the country with such unprecedented high handedness that they have now become a subject of scorn.

A company that should surely be part of the latter group are Taiwanese computer giants ACER (their India operations were set up in 1999), whose after sales services has often left a lot to be desired, not to speak of the fallibility of the products. However, this is perhaps the first time that documented proof of ACER’s incompetence in dealing with their contractual obligations has first come to light and IndiaOpines happens to have a copy of those documents including the latest e-mail exchange between the customer and the customer service representatives of ACER.

The Background

The whole saga concerns the interests of one Mr. Soumyadip Chatterjee, a resident of Mumbai who bought an Acer Aspire One and now has had to face substantial losses in his business due to the decidedly cavalier attitude of the customer service department at ACER. Mr.

Chatterjee is part owner of a production house in Mumbai known as ‘Think Blink’ and bought the notebook so that he could always be in a position to monitor the projects that were being handled by his firm, since his job entails a lot of travelling and meetings. The notebook was supposed to be his mobile office – he bought the aforementioned notebook on the first of April this year. A copy of the sales receipt has been produced below, where the reader can clearly see the date of purchase and this is important since it establishes the fact that the product is still within the warranty period, which however is not where the crux of the matter lies.

The First Chinks

Now, if you buy a computer of any variant you would not expect its mother board to go bust within 4 months, would you? However, that is exactly what happened with the notebook that was bought by Mr. Chatterjee and like any good customer he was under the impression that it will be replaced immediately, which would help him avoid the horror of losing money in business. (Remember, the notebook used to be his constant companion whenever he was out and about in the city) Now, the fact that the mother board had to be replaced within 4 months of the purchase was only the start of his horrors with ACER.

The Issue

What would you expect to be done by the manufacturers if something as vital as the mother board malfunctions? You would expect the company to send their representatives to immediately contact the customer and get the mother board replaced so that the customer can continue his business as usual. ACER did send their technician and whisked the notebook away with remarkable alacrity on 23rd of July (see document below) but the horror of the situation is that the customer i.e. Mr. Chatterjee has not been handed back his laptop yet. Just let it sink in now- it has been 34 days and counting, but the service centre is still none the wiser about the well being of the ACER Aspire One computer that they took in for repairs on July 23rd.

The Diabolical Incompetence

Since the notebook has been sent for repair there were no updates from the service centre for a week or so and in the mean time the customer had been severely inconvenienced in his business due to his inability to communicate with his clients. Finally, when the people in the service centre were asked about the problem, they informed Mr. Chatterjee that the service centre did not have a fresh mother board and hence they were unable to repair it.  Now could you imagine such a travesty? A computer manufacturer ‘running out’ of replacement mother boards when they are contractually obliged to provide the customer with a replacement.

Now just like any desperate customer, who was finding it hard to conduct his business properly he called up the service centre once again and asked them how long it would take to get the notebook repaired. Now, comes the worst part of the whole business. The technicians flatly informed Mr. Chatterjee that they did not have a fresh mother board that they could install into the laptop since the company has not supplied them with one and if he wanted to take it further he would need to need to speak to someone in the higher echelons of the company management. Although, it should not be forgotten that the same people at the service centre reassured the customer for the first 32 days of his ordeal that they would be able to repair the notebook ‘soon’.

Here is the e-mail exchange that took place yesterday (Aug 26, 2013) between the customer and a customer relations officer at ACER. We have a copy of that e-mail and the exchange has been produced verbatim: –

This is from Mr Chatterjee: “Hello,

I am tired of these baseless promises from Acer’s side. This just shows the company’s apathy towards its customers. I also run a social media company and know when people try to fool others.

Give me a date when I will receive the fully functional system. And make sure it’s delivered on that day itself. Otherwise I’ll know that you don’t really care about customers who have taken a leap of faith in buying an Acer system, rather cheat them outright.

Hope you and the company has some responsibility and shame left to address my problem immediately. It’s been 33 days since I gave it for servicing! It’s absolutely idiotic on Acer and its employee’s part to take me for granted like this.”

As you can see the patience is running thin on the part of the customer but the cold and rehearsed reply from the officer, which did not display an ounce of empathy towards the customer’s plight shows the highhandedness of ACER.

Here is the reply from the Customer Relations Officer (whose name shall not be divulged): –

Thank you for writing and highlighting the service issues with us,

We deeply regret for the service delay occurred from us.

We rest assure you the case closure at your satisfaction.

Assuring you the best of the service attention all the time.


Thanking you.”

Although you might be chuckling at the awkward sentence structure, it would not have mattered had the reply had a single word that has any relevance to the customer’s query regarding the date, on which his issue would be resolved.

Acer Computers India – The Final Verdict

As you can imagine, the issue would not be resolved anytime soon and the customer continues to be in a position, in which he is finding it hard to carry on with his work in the way in which he desired. Is it ACER’s responsibility to supply him with a replacement notebook for the time being till the issue is resolved or should they compensate Mr. Chatterjee for the harrowing time that he has had? The replacement should have arrived sooner and since it did not it does not take a consumer forum lawyer to say that the customer should be adequately compensated. The sum of money is something that we cannot decide but ACER should know better or perhaps the consumer forum would. However, the only thing that a reader can take away from this sordid episode is the fact that there are certain companies who do not treat their customers fairly and it is time that they should also be paid back in the same coin.

Relevant Documents :

Plan Of Action

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