Do you really think ache din aa gaye hain? Don’t you think the slogan of Ache Din  by Narendra Modi led BJP Government should now be changed to Ache Saal?

The BJP came into power on the basis of its promise of ‘Ache Din!’ 

keep calm coz achche din aane waale hain Ache Din Should Now Be Changed to Ache Saal

Unfortunately, the gullible voters of the country, fed up on false and hackneyed themes of the UPA II took these promises too literally. They did not realize that this was a line given by the advertising company hired by the BJP! 

However having come face to face with the grim realities of governing the country the BJP leaders including Narendra Modi. Arun Jaitley, Ravi Shankar Prasad have started arguing that the economic situation is not entirely in their control.

Sporadic demonstrations and protests against the hike in rail fares, fuel prices, LPG cylinder prices some natural and most of it sponsored have started taking place all over the country. 

We don’t know yet if the people who gave a clear mandate to the BJP in the very recent elections are already feeling cheated but the Opposition has made this slogan a handle to beat the ruling regime led by Narendra Modi. 

protest against railway fare hike acche din Ache Din Should Now Be Changed to Ache Saal

This Prime Minister does not have the liberty of blaming the ‘coalition dharma’ even though the international situation is always an alibi for the compulsion of hiking the fuel price and the resultant price rise of all essential commodities. 

But Haven’t We Heard All This Before? 

Now the Modi government is planning to take to social networking in a big way to explain the mess it has inherited. But that is not going to solve the problem because some people are taking  this breach of promise too seriously.  

modi acche saal Ache Din Should Now Be Changed to Ache Saal

The TV channels have their own agenda although I find it ironical to find the loud mouthed spokespersons of the BJP such as Smrti Irani, Nirmala Sethuraman and Meenakshi Lekhi replaced by faces whose CV may not be available with Wikeipedia. And hence the credibility of the government is at stake and the goodwill seems to be dissipating. In any case, people’s patience is very short- lived now. 

An instant solution that occurs to my mind, which I am willing to offer free of cost is for the Modi government to hire the same ad agency and play up a new line telling people ‘Ache Saal Aane Wale Hain’. 

Modi Minister Ache Din Should Now Be Changed to Ache Saal

The BJP has an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha and there being no visible opposition even if one searches for it with a telescope I think the risk will be worthwhile. 

And they better do it fast as the Budget session is about to begin which will force a lot of unpopular decisions to put the derailed economy back on track.

By: Amitabh Srivastava

Image Source: Acche Din, Protest Against Railway Hike, Modi, INC Facebook

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