Here are the achievements of Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP Government in Delhi. Have a look…

Achievements of AAP Government so far…..

aap arvind kejriwal delhi Achievements of AAP Government so far.....

1. Electricity at half the price delivered within two weeks.

2. 20,000 liters of free water per month to every household delivered..

AAP arvind kejriwal delhi achievements Achievements of AAP Government so far.....

3. Anti-corruption helpline already started with helpline number 1031.

4. Steps to regularize unauthorized colonies and Resettlement colonies already initiated.

5. Work started to make Delhi a Wifi city. February 2016 has been set as the dead line……

kejriwal free wifi  Achievements of AAP Government so far.....

6. No donations and capitation fees allowed in Delhi schools now. Monitoring mechanism in place.

7. Notice issued to 200 private schools for charging exorbitant fees

8. Government has started to issue E-ration cards online.

e ration card delhi online Achievements of AAP Government so far.....

9. Organized health camps for industrial workers in Various Industrial Areas.

10. Already 19,000 licenses issued to e-rickshaw drivers.

11. Frequent checks in Hospitals, Transport Buses, and Bus Stations.

12. Government to seek the opinion of people in Budget making..

13. All private hospitals ordered to ensure that beds are available for the poor. .

14. The government has banned demolitions in residential premises and slums.

aap government house demolition Achievements of AAP Government so far.....

15. Students in Anganwadis to be supplied with Fruits also along with free mid-day meal.

16. Corruption in RTO offices reduced substantially. Middle men have disappeared from Offices

17. Proper working of street lights has been ensured and hence Delhi streets are better lit now.

18. Water tanker mafia eliminated.

19. Regular Janta-durbars are being held by various AAP leaders, including CM Arvind Kejriwal.

arvind kejriwal wins delhi election Achievements of AAP Government so far.....

20. Minimum wage for workers in the unorganized sector has been raised.

21. Granted license to 40 additional drug stores to sell tablets for treatment of swine flu

22. Ordered civic bodies not to oust any vendors from places of their business or harass them.

23. Demolition of the slums and un-regularized colonies has been put on hold till further notice

24. Stamp vendor licenses to be issued online

25. Red beacon culture stopped. The CM, Ministers and MLAs are also not using them on cars

26. Bus Marshals have been recruited and is being given training to ensure women safety.

bus marshal delhi Achievements of AAP Government so far.....

27. Verification of more than 50,000 old-age pensioners done to provide pension.

28. Quarterly reports of RTI to be made by all government officials. .

29. Directed Discoms to ensure continuous supply of power or face heavy fines.

30. Size of the Ambedkar Nagar hospital already under construction. It will be expanded

31 New Forensic Lab is being set up in Mandoli prison which will be operational by October

32. Water Treatment plant has started functioning in Dwaraka

33. Laying of pipe lines to areas without water connection already started.

pipeline connection delhi Achievements of AAP Government so far.....

34. New Thermal power plant to be constructed in Delhi

35. Construction of 12 km road between Wazirabad and Swarup Nagar. Deadline – Dec 31. 2015.

36. Construction of road between Wazirabad and Vikaspuri to be completed by Dec 31, 2015..

37. Construction of Skywalk to be done for connectivity between Mukandpur Metro station and Mukandpur colony

38. Traffic police bribery and harassment of drivers and commuters stopped. Receipt issued for every fine collected

By: Aarti W

Image Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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