In India, where several NGOs particularly Stop Acid Attacks is trying hard to give courage to the acid attack survivors, Kumkum Bhagya serial doesn’t care at all!

Acid attack of late has become one of the most sensitive issues in the country where cases of such attacks are registered on a daily basis. This brutal kind of attack is mainly carried out by an estranged lover who throws acid on the girl just to seek revenge because she refused him. There are not few but thousands of victims in India alone, yet Kumkum Bhagya serial couldn’t stop itself from using the concept of ‘Acid Attack’ without any hiccup.

stop acid attack campaign Acid Attack is Not a Sensitive Issue For Kumkum Bhagya & Ekta Kapoor

An Acid Attack was Planned in Kumkum Bhagya

Very conveniently the three vamps of the serial Alia, Tanu and Mitali Bhabhi plan an acid attack on Bulbul. The reason? Well, Aliya Loves Purab and Purab Loves Bulbul so much that he keeps praising Bulbul all the time. So, Ms. Tanu who is shown as modern, contemporary and very liberal gives Alia the great idea of destructing Bulbul’s face – Naa Rahega Bus Naa Bajegi Basuri types.

acid attack kumkum bhagya tanu alia plan Acid Attack is Not a Sensitive Issue For Kumkum Bhagya & Ekta Kapoor

For Alia, who is very sad and do not know what to do next to  win Purab’s attention, this plan is a great idea, in fact a moment of Eureka! She thinks after the attack forget marriage, Purab will not even get engaged to Bulbul.

I wonder, what type of social message does the writer of Kumkum Bhagya is trying to give us?

In India, where several NGOs particularly Stop Acid Attacks is trying hard to give courage to the acid attack survivors, the serial through Alia and other two nuts, only discourages them with a message – Forget getting any life partner after an attack, you will also lose the person who loves you unconditionally.

Another sad part of the entire track is that, a woman gives the idea, another woman agrees to it, and the third readily helps them to execute it. Yes, Mitali Bhabhi quickly arranges a crook who can do this at her convenient price. He says 50,000 but she brings him down to Rs. 30,000 – encouraging Indians and also the world (since Zee is broadcasted in various countries) to go ahead and carry out an acid attack as it is not as expensive as they think. Also, it is not as difficult as it might appear.

MITALI ACID ATTACK KUMKUM BHAGYA Acid Attack is Not a Sensitive Issue For Kumkum Bhagya & Ekta Kapoor

TV Serials which reach the masses should promote social messages in the public interest nor something which disrupts the victims of any crime or sexual assaults, don’t you think so? If Ekta Kapoor’s Historical saga Jodha Akbar can show women empowerment by making Jodha so powerful and influential even in front of Mughals, then why can’t a 21st century modern woman can be shown with less twisted mind, so what if she is a vamp in the serial.

It was rather sad to see how Alia made fun of acid attack survivors where she joked about how will Bulbul appear once acid would ruin her face.

If KumKum Bhagya Really Wanted to Support the Acid Attack Survivors and Wanted to Create a Fear in Offender’s Mind, the Track Would Have Been Different

Yes, sometimes the daily serials get carried away by TRPs. However, even in that case, one should not forget to show the win of good against the evil. If the CVs really wanted to promote a social message they should have shown that although a woman plans ‘Acid Attack’ another one rejects the idea of using it. The woman should have preached to the world what a shameful and cowardly act it is to throw acid on someone. But, nothing happened. Instead, they carried out the act successfully, only to be disrupted by a stalker of the victim.

stop acid attack Acid Attack is Not a Sensitive Issue For Kumkum Bhagya & Ekta Kapoor

The Serial Had No Cautionary Message Too

Smoking is injurious to health is popped up so many times in Cinema halls, but while watching the serial on youtube, I didn’t see any cautionary message or warning such as ‘planning and executing an acid attack is a punishable offense’ or ‘Acid Attack is a crime’ etc etc.

spotofshame Acid Attack is Not a Sensitive Issue For Kumkum Bhagya & Ekta Kapoor

Hope the Kumkum Bhagya Team makes up for the mistake by showing the trio guilty of this act behind the bars, rather than cleverly moving towards their next goal to kidnap the Victim who could get away from this dirty plan.

What do you think? What do the NGO members who have met and know the Acid Attack Victims plight have to say about this?

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