Acid might have burnt their physical body but not their will. These acid attack survivors run a cafe named ‘sheroes’ in Agra. Isn’t that inspiring?

Life should have life until one’s death, happen may any mishap, and these acid attack survivors very well abide by this ideology. Yeah! I’m talking about those unlucky acid attack survivors who were luckily just an inch away from their death bed.

india acid attack Acid Attack Survivors Manage A Café In Agra. How Inspiring!

Delhi-based NGO, Chhanv Foudation in collaboration with these valiant survivors ushered in a whole new inspirational era recently. They laid the first chip of a café named ‘Sheroes’, the chip that held in a lot beyond an unspiritual essence. For, for the first time, a cafe was being built to add life to the seemingly lifeless survivors. The place was in full-fledged operation after a two month trial period in which these ladies were honed to be deft enough.

acid attack survivors Acid Attack Survivors Manage A Café In Agra. How Inspiring!

“We have got tremendous support from locals and learnt so many things about how to run an establishment. What really boosted our morale was when many people, who looked strangely at us earlier, came forward to praise the effort,” said Rupa, another survivor, whose creations is displayed at a boutique inside the cafe.

acid attack sheroes Acid Attack Survivors Manage A Café In Agra. How Inspiring!

At the inauguration of the cafe, Sapna Bhavnani, a member of the Stop Acid Attacks Campaign, was quoted saying, the girls have proved a point to the world. “People call these survivors ‘becharis’. Today, they have shown they are no less than anybody else,” she said.

Café is two-floored and designed in a way with a section that would have books on ‘women empowerment’ aligned. Alok Dixit, the founder of ‘Stop Acid Attack’ Campaign, envisages for many such-likes on other cities of India.

sheroes cafe agra Acid Attack Survivors Manage A Café In Agra. How Inspiring!

Kudos for the bravery these women exude out!

I take hat off to these she-heroes who didn’t let themselves drown in the sea of pain but swam along, wading through and through to end up at a shore, a new life.

By Prerna Daga

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