This week on Adaalat, K D Pathak seeks to defend his client against a paranormal ghost who kill at night in an empty gaming arcade of a mall.

This week’s Adaalat showed Sandeep, a security guard in a mall, accused of shooting Raghu (the owner) in the game zone of the mall at night when there was no one else present. The prosecution has an eyewitness – a lady who was there in the mall and saw the murder taking place. The prosecution has a forensic report of a bullet that came from Sandeep’s gun. Sandeep claims that he didn’t shoot Raghu but that the mall is haunted and it was a ghost who murdered Raghu. He also admits that he had used his gun the night of the murder – but he had shot at the ghost, not Raghu.

The case against Sandeep is strong and K D Pathak, the defense lawyer, is at a seeming dead end. So he decides to investigate the paranormal “ghost” angle. It has been well established that K D does not believe in paranormal at all. K D’s night of horror in the mall shows him the ghost in the game zone, clearly standing there in front of the lawyer. As K D turns his torchlight on the ghost thinking of his next move, a gun beside the ghost automatically turns, takes aim – and KD is shot – and he collapses.

His two assistants, Varun and Tina, rush to K D and lead him out. At the entrance of the mall, K D is besieged by TV journalists asking him about his experience – and to the shock of everyone, K D makes the stunning statement that he now believes that the mall is haunted.

Next day in the court, K D’s first move is to cross-examine the eyewitness. A little scratching on the surface proves that the eyewitness had been caught shoplifting by Sandeep in another mall. Smarting against the security guard, she confesses that she decided to nail Sandeep’s coffin when she heard that he was arrested for murder. As a result despite not being there, she had come forward as an eyewitness with a false story.

adaalat1 Adaalat Review: Paranormal Murderer

In the meanwhile, Varun, while investigating the mall finds a gun mounted on stand in the game zone. It is flexible and can be turned 360 degrees. Things naturally fall into place in K D’s agile mind with sharp clicks.

In court, as his wont, K D has the gun in court and after a dramatic moment shoots a blank at the prosecution lawyer using a remote. Having successfully proved that the gun can be controlled from a distance, K D brings up another point – each gun has a barcode which can be used to track the buyer. Varun’s investigation has tracked the owner of the said gun from Raghu’s mall to be one Nakul Dey, owner of Action Arcadia. Action Arcadia had suffered a reversal of fortunes – up to the point of bankruptcy because of Raghu’s mall – which gives him reason to hate and maybe even kill Raghu.

The court orders Nakul is to be brought to court the next day. Nakul dies that night – killed by the ghost. It looks like he was so scared that he fell down to his death. And it is recorded on the CCTV. True to form, K D produces the ghost in court the next day and explains that it is a laser generated image. Now, he has to find the person behind the ghost – in one hour of court break. The prosecution’s stand is that K D has done a load of sleights which brought to front a totally different case; but he hasn’t been able to disprove the accusations against his client.

Varun produces a new witness in court. Nirmal Gupta, software engineer who creates computer games. He created the modified game machines in the mall – discovered by the fact that he forgot to remove his company’s ID from one of the gadgets. He also replaced the game gun that could only use blanks with a real shotgun. It turns out that he was paid by Nakul to frighten people away from Raghu’s mall within four months. But he has no answer to why Nakul got so scared of a ghost he knew was fake, scared enough to fall to his dead.

On cross examining Nirmal, he declares that the ghost in the footage is not laser generated – because no laser generated image can push a person!

So, here comes K D’s summing up – a lot of blah while walking around the courtroom to declare that the killer is Ravi, Raghu’s younger brother. This is based on the rings Ravi wears which were visible in the CCTV footage.

Ravi on the dock: “Raghu was not my brother – my step-brother.” Ravi was cut out of the estate and wanted his share. Raghu didn’t budge. Ravi, in cohorts with Nakul (whom he had met in a party) decides to kill Raghu. As for Nakul, Ravi got rid of him because the noose was tightening against the conspirators and Nakul was a weak link.

All neat, pat and packed up for this week. However, this was a better case and solution than the previous two weeks which credited make-up artistes with super-human skills and abilities.

Next week, a murder committed using an anaconda.

By Sujata Garimella

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