The long running courtroom series Adaalat took a turn for the haunted, and for the absurd last week in an attempt to spice up the story line. Hit or Pass?

A zombie threatening people was the latest toughie that lawyer KD Pathak (Ronit Roy) had to grapple with in that last installment of Adaalat. This season is all about anhonee so there are some fantastical strangeness that are thrown at KD including ghosts, alternate reality and now zombies.

Background about Adaalat

adaalat Adaalat: Review of Episode of February 8th & 9th

As the name suggests, it is about court cases. The action largely takes place in court with KD Pathak, the main protagonist, usually being the defense lawyer. Most times he picks up seemingly hopeless cases – sometimes even reaching out to the bailiff after reading about their predicament in the newspaper. He has uncanny luck because even when there is a watertight case against his client, invariably the client is innocent. And with great tricks of daring and intelligence, KD pulls off the feat of proving the innocence.

KD is developed along the lines of Perry Mason (oh! Don’t we all love Mason!). He is intelligent, sees beyond the obvious (as favorite KD dialogues are something along the lines of Jo dihkta hai woh sach nahin hota); he is fit agile and active. He is willing to stick his neck out, take risks – even get into fisticuffs when necessary. He doesn’t need either food or sleep. He has devoted seconds (like Della Street and Paul Drake). He is unstoppable and willing to take chances in court. He is suave and can create enough stories to cast doubt on anybody associated with the case. His clients sometimes are hostile – but he always comes up trumps (till the last season, his sign off was: Am I right or am I right!)

Episode on 8th February

So getting back to the zombie. KD’s client is accused of killing an erstwhile classmate and subsequent colleague. While the case is on, a zombie, claiming to be the dead man, makes an appearance during off-court hours, scaring the living daylights out of KD’s client and anyone trying to prove his innocence (including KD himself). Turns out that it is the dead man’s estranged wife (a super good make-up artist) and the HR manager of his organisation who are behind the creation and enactment of the zombie. Ergo! K D’s client is innocent.

Episode on 9th February

If this is absurd, wait — this episode is a wonderfully tightly-knit logical story compared to the one last week. Last week, KD’s client was a girl accused of murdering an ex-boyfriend. Part of the evidence included CCTV footage of her leaving the murder room with a knife in her hand. One doctor studying the paranormal meets KD to tell him about the existence of alternate realities that can bisect the reality as we know it. Voila! Everyone associated with the case including the lawyer for the prosecution have their doubles turning up. Turns out that the doctor is also proficient at make-up and behind everything including the murder.

In Need for a Revamp

Over 250 episodes old, Adaalat is still going strong on SetMax hogging prime time (7.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.) on weekends. Surely a serial this long running deserves more attention and shouldn’t be as puerile as it is devolving into (it used to be very interesting a couple of years back). The script writers of this serial seriously need to read up crime fiction. If they cannot think of new plots and solutions they can surely “creatively borrow” or get “inspiration” from some Erle Stanley Gardener’s, Agatha Christie’s, Sherlock Holmes’ and the hundreds of other excellent detective stories in the world.

By Sujata Garimella

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