Population in India is rising boundlessly, limiting the resources and hence havoc all around. Could adoption help the country?

I am a lover of my country and keep consistently thinking about the progress or changes, we, as citizens could make for the development of India. My Opinion is on the overpopulation and reproduction.
population national problem Adoption Could Be A Solution To Rising Population

India is the second most populated country with statistical data of about 1250 millions of people living. Do you know why there’s so much of unrest in the country? The cause might shock you, it is due to the scarcity of resources. The resource per capita is very low in the country. Youth unemployment has been as high as 12.9%. The problem is that the country doesn’t realize what worse are we doing to ourselves. India is the first country to have adopted the family planning, because it was a much needed step to curb the growing population. Due to unawareness of this, people still have a big family especially in the rural areas, thus promoting more poverty, illiteracy and thus more unemployment. Since, the resources are not sufficient to meet the needs, the present scenario seems to be an unsustainable model in future.

adopt children Adoption Could Be A Solution To Rising Population

What can we do? Ban reproduction? That would create a havoc. Some of you might feel I don’t love children. To let you know, because I love children, in fact all of them and just not those with my blood in them, this is much need awareness for the better future for them.

child in womb Adoption Could Be A Solution To Rising Population

At least, think over it. I mean, c’mon guys, children are children be it from any womb. We have a provision to adopt. We all can make the country, a beautiful place to live in, if we start thinking for all, just not us. Instead of adding more to the unfortunate statistical data, we can reduce the number of children begging at streets, dying of starvation and from being sexually abused. We can bring the changes! We have the power. We is a stronger word for transforming the unfortunate scenario to  beautiful lives.

By Lisa Pandit

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