Check out an Infographic which elucidates the comparison of growths between Print (Newspaper) & TV media, for you to choose the right advertising campaigns

TV Vs Newspaper 1 Advertising In TV Vs Newspapers

Newspaper and Television Media are considered to be the mainstream platforms for advertising. Even after the advent of social media and internet, TV and print media stand out to be the leading platforms in terms of subscribers and viewership.

Newspapers vs tv statistics Advertising In TV Vs Newspapers

ROI is the main parameter considered in every marketing campaign. In order to choose the right platform, it is important to consider the growth of each platform in future as well as the exposure which is plummeted by each platform. The above inforgraphic illustrates their respective growth. (Statitics provided by

advertising revenue tv newspapers Advertising In TV Vs Newspapers

Advertising Revenue is one of the important metric to be considered to analyze the growth. Newspapers still copy the first position in terms of advertising revenue, while TV networks are not far behind even though they are less in volume.

The following infographic illustrates each platform’s share in total media advertising revenue of India.

print media tv ad revenue Advertising In TV Vs Newspapers

By:  Gautham Nekkanti

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