Is there something called Afterlife? Is there a so called heaven & hell? Will we really go to “heaven” which our grandmothers told us about?

Is there something called Afterlife?.. I never gave it a thought until yesterday. Is there a so called heaven and hell? Its hard to think. Maybe there is or maybe there is not or maybe its all in your head. Honestly I never quite understood the real distinction between heaven and hell.

after Life after death Is There Something Called Afterlife?

Like the saying goes,you do good you go to heaven and otherwise in hell? Are things so simple? What about all the bad that is inside a good person and vice versa. I believe that no one in this world can be put in a particular group of good or bad. Its all in the thinking.

Now where do you go after death is a question that no one can answer. But isn’t that mystery beautiful? Isnt that what makes life go on? Some things are better hidden. You may never know the answers. You can just imagine and wonder. But I have always felt that death is an unknown term. You hear some one has passed away.. you feel it’s a distant thing ..You feel as if you are miles away from that term called death.

The fact never quite sinks in that you would be that person someday too. You would be dead.I will be dead. We all would be dead someday. We would be be as cold as ice. No more emotions.. no happiness, grief, pain or worry. What would that be like? I have often wondered. To not feel anything. To be stone cold. To be insensitive to everyone. To be oblivious to everyone’s presence. Its always frightening to think about death (at least to me, it is).

But Afterlife some what seems like a better idea comparatively because at the end of the day, every one wants to go to heaven. That “heaven” which our grand mothers told us about, that “heaven” where we meet god, that “heaven” where there is nothing but happiness. After life couldn’t get any better! Well, there’s hell too.. I think a little underrated, With all the pain and misery and suffering and burning alive and things like that. There are just N number of stories and every story has a different side to it and they all fantasize me.

It is so strange that something so indispensable like death could appear to us as something terrible and distant and something we wouldn’t want to talk about, but at the same time no matter what we have done in our “lives”, we all silently hope and pray to go to the so called “heaven” and have a rosy afterlife just like the one in stories!

By: Prasidhi Prasad

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