Know in detail the star cast of AndTV’s Agent Raghav…

Agent Raghav is finally all ready for his mission along with his troupe on AndTV to solve criminal cases on Saturday and Sunday from 9 pm.

agent raghav andtv Agent Raghav – Know the Crime Branch Members

Here we share the key officers in the Crime Branch:

Sharad Kelkar as Agent Raghav

35 year old Raghav Sinha is an intelligent officer who can read anybody’s mind and body language. His deduction, commitment and exceptional IQ are the reason why he is in Crime Branch Special Unit. No wonder, time and again he has proved his worth by digging the most complex cases and bringing the lawbreakers to justice. He is also on a mission to find the killers of his father. His father a  renowned psychiatrist was killed by his own client when Raghav was just 14.

agent raghav sharad kelkar Agent Raghav – Know the Crime Branch Members

The role of Raghav is played by Sharad Kelkar who is a renowned Bollywood and TV Actor. He has done several Bollywood films including Ram Leela where he was seen as Leela’s brother. He is also a part of Salman Khan’s Hero releasing this September.

Gautam Ahuja as Young Raghav

Adi of Yeh Hai Mohabattein – Yes, the son of Raman Bhalla and Shagun Arora will be playing the role of a young Raghav.

adi gautam ahuja Agent Raghav – Know the Crime Branch Members

Aahana Kumra as Agent Trisha

Gorgeous and Confident, Trisha is the leader of the pack. She comes from an affluent family who wanted her to get married and settled down. However, she chose a different path. This is the reason why you’ll see that Trisha gets calls from her mother at odd hours to discuss about her potential husbands. She isn’t fond of Agent Raghav but as they will solve cases she will eventually develop feelings for him.

agent trisha agent raghav Agent Raghav – Know the Crime Branch Members

Aahana Kumra is the same girl who acted as Amitabh Bachchan’s daughter in Anurag Kashyap’s TV series ‘Yudh’. She has also done two feature films – Sona Spa and The Blueberry Hunt.

Danish Pandor as Agent Rajbir

He is a typical Punjabi boy – a foodie, kind heart, friendly with lots of contact all over India. This is the reason why he can get information from anywhere with just a phone call. He has a soft corner for Agent Gauri which often leads him into awkward situations.

agent rajbir Agent Raghav – Know the Crime Branch Members

Danish Pandor is best known for his 2014 film W – Women of Today Vs Men of Yeserday.

Deepali Pansare as Agent Gauri

A small town girl, Agent Gauri is a simple yet very hardworking. A Tech expert, she is excellent in code breaking and hacking. She is also very spiritual. This is the reason why you see her debating with Agent Raghav an atheist.

agent gauri agent raghav Agent Raghav – Know the Crime Branch Members

Deepali Pansare is essaying the role of Agent Gauri. She is a known face to the TV audience as she has done several popular shows including Dill Mill Gaye, Shakuntala and Iss Pyaar Ko Mai Kya Naan Doon.

Jason Tham as Agent Bikram

Ok, Agent Bikram is a serious man whose passion led him join CBI. He is disciplined and highly organized whose one-liners can really crank you up. Exteremely dedicated towards the team, Bikram can go to any length to save his team.

agent bikram jason tham Agent Raghav – Know the Crime Branch Members

Jason Tham last seen in Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan in a side role is essaying the role of Agent Bikram. For his role, he has done some rigorous training. Earlier, he was seen in Dil, Dosti Dance. He is often mistaken as North Eastern but he is Chinese and speaks Hindi fluently.

Reena Aggarwal as Dr. Arti Mistry

She is a forensic science expert who has been working for CBI from long. She has a monotonous way of describing her death reports. Agent Raghav often mocks her for the same and this is the reason why she gets irritated. At times, he also questions her analysis.

arti mistry agent vinod Agent Raghav – Know the Crime Branch Members

Reena Aggarwal was earlier seen in Aamir Khan starrer Talash.

Image Source: @AndTVOfficial

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