Happy 0 ‘A.D.’! Jai ‘Digital’ Hind! Wand Hey Math Ram!

It’s a never-before “White New-Year’s Day” in India this Sunday. The mid-winter sun is glowing with the “whitest” incandescence. The medial band in India’s tricolour is dazzling with a gush of all-new, all-white economic & ethical energy. What’s more, India’s national anthem, too, is sounding different – virtually like “Jana ‘Dhana’ Mana” – with ample ‘white noise’!

Leave aside ‘white’ entities, even ‘carbon’ appears to have turned a shade grey, thanks to the ‘vanquishing of Black by White’, in the recent, much-trumpeted “Black  vs. White Jihad” in India’s economy and polity. Eventually, “White” has taken up the reins of reign in this newly sanitized, “saint-ized” nation. And India is bouncing and bubbling with abounding ‘re-monetized energy’ and cheering at its gorgeous best in ‘white & white’, as a “cashless wonder”, at the beginning of Anno Domini MMXVII.


A great new epoch has unfolded in the evolution of Indian civilization today. From this time forth, there will be a watershed ‘Digital Divide’ in the annals of India’s history, with ‘A.D.’ and ‘B.C.’ coming to symbolize “After Digitization” and “Before Cashlessness.”

(There could be an alternative chronological calculus, where ‘A.D.’ would stand for “Achche Din”. That way, ‘A.D. 1.1.1.’ would come to represent ‘Day 1- Month 1- Year 1’ of the ‘Achche Din’ era.)


      As India’s “White Revolution 2.0” (‘1.0.’ was about ‘milk’) tops out, stamp out of the “Winter of Discontent” to-

a1 a2 milk dood white revolution Aha! Achche Din!! India at the Dawn of “0 A.D.”

> Hail the cockcrow of the long-fantasized ‘Achche Din’, with grand rejoicings & pageants – and then briskly get set to “live happily ever after”.

> Embrace India’s “Date with Digital Destiny”, and realize how ‘all your twenty digits’ (digit= a finger or toe) strain to count the resulting bevy of bonanzas, bounties and blessings – and how much it pains to tot up the gains of e-monetization.

> Greet the epic ‘Freedom from Cash’ with barrels of ‘cashew-less’ ‘caju feni’ (an exquisite liquor from Goa), cocktailed with ‘achche gin’, and aided by generous helpings of “Cashmiri hawala“, um, “Kashmiri halwa”. (Never mind those ancients who continue to read “cashless” as “money-less”, and ridicule the “push for cashlessness” as mindless “promotion of poverty”.)

demonetization and banks Aha! Achche Din!! India at the Dawn of “0 A.D.”

> Salute the transformation of India into a techno-corporate republic and techno-ethical society, where technology entails and ensures ethics, and where you can lavishly ‘download’ wealth, health & happiness from your smartphone, by merely ‘caressing’ it.  [Forget those hack-happy techie-pranksters; there will soon spurt a spate of statutes in the coming days (almost one per day) to ‘abolish’ data-frauds and cyber-crimes.]

> Unroll the red carpet to post-black, post-cash, post-scam India, and go singing and swinging down the road!

Finally, from now on, walk proudly into any government office in India and watch your work done ‘in less than no time’, with not a drop of “palm grease” dished out in the process.


Come to think of it: haven’t we, at long last, realized the sublime Upanishadic vision of “Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya” (“From Darkness unto Light”), so swiftly, smartly and sweepingly? Hasn’t the sheer ‘slaying’ of two ‘demon bank-notes’ led to the grand ‘reinstallation’ of Dharma in “India that is Bharat” ? Shouldn’t we then be chorusing “Bliss is it in this dawn to be alive; but to be cashless is very heaven”, at this momentous moment?

black money Aha! Achche Din!! India at the Dawn of “0 A.D.”

Keep going about your good doings, and trust that due ‘moral-merit credits’ will be promptly transferred online to your digital ‘savings’ account with “God Almighty ‘Digital’ Bank, Unlimited.” (Rest assured; there will be no ‘withdrawal limits/symptoms’ at least there.)
Wish you a ‘life-elevating’ 2017 [‘11111100001’, as a tribute to the contemporary digital (binary) times]!

Happy 0 ‘A.D.’! Jai ‘Digital’ Hind! Wand Hey Math Ram!

By S. G. Seetharam

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