When two males are best friends, the depth of friendship knows no end. That one ‘him’ in ‘his’ life is someone he simply can’t afford to let go.

No matter how many girls a boy may roam around, his penultimate satisfaction is with that one boy whom he grew up with. Every boy has this one friend whose face is the first to meet his eyes with the break of morning. Every boy has this one friend who knows his dirtiest secrets. Every boy has this one friend who doesn’t care what’s wrong as long as it’s the right happiness for his friend. Every boy has this one friend who is all his ears to the same old repetitive and gibberish banters.Every boy has this one friend whose hug is the only place where his hidden emotions take a shelter.

friendship Unbeatable Friendship Between Boys


Recently developed AIB’s (All India Bakchod) video on man’s best friend is a must watch, even girls, because every bit of it is an iota of constant curve around your lips. Your lips throughout this smallest ‘ten’ minutes will remain bent and heart, twinkling with emotions.

After the wonderful ten minutes, each of you would have one thing clear that this ‘one’ friend is not worth losing; worth sacrifcing every other things for; worth crying for; worth cherishing for life; simply worth a place in your life until your last breaath.

By Prerna Daga

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