Maharana Pratap Spoiler Alert – Ajabde will be killed in the serial..Know the complete story

Although we had little or no information about Maharana Pratap’s first wife Maharani Ajabde Punwar, we got a lot of data from the serial Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap where we could see the story of Ajabde right from her childhood days.

The character was first portrayed by Roshni Walia and after the leap Rachana Parulkar continued the role as a grownup Ajabde. However, the young and grown up character had lot of differences. While, the young was shy, delicate and timid, the grown up was bold, brave and courageous. The audience loved Ajabde thoroughly and enjoyed every bit of Ajabde and Maharana Pratap love story. However, not anymore because the character of Maharani Ajabde will die soon in the upcoming episode

Maharani Ajabde to Die in Maharana Pratap

Well, the serial will soon have a dramatic twist where Mughal Emperor Akbar’s forces will kill Maharani Ajabde. Yes, Ajabde will die in Maharana Pratap leaving both her husband and fans in pain. Although, we are not aware about the actual death day or timings of real Ajabade, the serial Ajabde will bid us adieu soon. This will infuriate Maharana Pratap so much that he will declare war on them.

rachana parulkar Ajabde to Die in Maharana Pratap!

Rachana Parulkar Has Confirmed the Death Sequence

Rachana Parulkar who plays the role of Ajabde has confirmed her exit from the show. Calling it as a part and parcel of every actor’s life, she said that since Maharana Pratap is a historical show she knew the role will eventually come to an end. So, the role of Ajabde will come to an end and Maharana Pratap will be left all alone.

ajabde maharana pratap Ajabde to Die in Maharana Pratap!

Rachana Parulkar Will Miss Maharana Pratap

In an interview Rachana expressed how she loved being Maharani Ajabde in the serial and now she will definitely miss seeing herself in the getup of a Maharani. She also said she had a great time shooting for the show as she got to learn many new things including sword fighting which she termed was a life time experience for her.

RACHNA PARULKAR AJABDE Ajabde to Die in Maharana Pratap!

So, what are the Plans of Rachana Parulkar aka Ajabde Punwar?

Well, Rachana wants to do all type of shows in the future whether it is fiction or a non-fiction show. She is ready to participate even in reality shows provided that reality show is not Bigg Boss. When asked will she be comfortable to do another historical or mythological show, she quickly said, “I haven’t thought about it as you never know what may come my way.” So looks like she is ready for all sorts of roles now.

ajabdeh rachna parulkar Ajabde to Die in Maharana Pratap!

Will We See Rachana Parulkar Soon?

Well, not really because the actor wants to take a break unless something really exciting comes across her way and she decides to do it.

maharana pratap ajabde romance Ajabde to Die in Maharana Pratap!

Looks like, we will have to wait for a while atleast, to see Rachana once again on small screen. Fans of Maharana Pratap what is your opinion on the sudden death sequence of Maharani Ajabde? Fans of Rachana Parulkar what do you guys have to say about her exit?

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