Will Pratap and Ajabde finally re-unite post Meera Maa’s appearance in Sony TV’s Maharana Pratap serial? Or will Dheer Bai plot against Ajabde yet again?

Maharana Pratap serial before going for a leap created a lot of misunderstandings between Pratap and his wife Ajabde, so much that Ajabde had to come back to Bijolia from Chittor. Dheer Bai nonstop planted seeds of hatred in Pratap’s mind and Pratap grew up hating Ajabde – even thinking that his own mother (Javanta Bai) left him because of Ajabde.

rani dheerbai bhatiyani maharana pratap Ajabde and Pratap Soon To Re Unite in Maharana Pratap?


Post the misunderstandings between Pratap and Ajabdeh, her father the Samant of Bijolia lost his life. Ajabde’s brother Balwant was a small kid then, this changed Ajabde’s life forever. From a shy and introvert Samant’s girl she grew up to be a strong and brave Baiji Lal, the protector of Bijolia.

ajabde maharana pratap Ajabde and Pratap Soon To Re Unite in Maharana Pratap?

Pratap meanwhile was fed with wrong information by Deer Bhai. So, he never tried meeting or helping his wife Ajabdeh. Instead, grew up cursing and hating. Please note that all these instances shown in the serial are highly fictional as there is no detailed story on Ajabde in the chronicles except few things including the fact that she mothered Maharana Pratap’s first son Amar Singh.

The Conflict Between Maharana Pratap and Ajabdeh

Over the years Rana Uday Singh boycotted Bijolia due to Ajabde even though Bijolia came under the Mewar kingdom. Meanwhile, taking advantage of the situation came the Afghans who attacked Bijolia. When Ajabde asked help from the Chittor royal family, they never helped or responded her. Blame the vamp Dheer Bai who destroyed the message before it reached Pratap or Rana Uday Singh.

maharana pratap ajabde Ajabde and Pratap Soon To Re Unite in Maharana Pratap?

However, one fine day, Patta creates havoc outside the Chittor Palace by cursing the royal family for not helping Bijolia. The noise reaches both, Rana Udai Singh and Pratap’s ear. He senses Bijolia is in trouble and so in disguise begins his tour along with his friend Chakrapani.

Pratap somehow befriends Patta and expresses his desire to help them in their struggle.

Being completely stranger Ajabdeh doesn’t trust him and disguises herself as Patta’s Jija and not as Baiji Lal or Ajabdeh. The two meet and together prepare to fight against Afghans to save Bijolia, until one day the truth is revealed who is who. Pratap leaves Bijolia then and there and is depressed again until he meets Meera Maa in a temple.

Afghan Attacks Ajabdeh

Meera Maa convinces Pratap to go and save Bijolia. On the other hand, Ajabdeh is captured by Afghans. Pratap will now, come and save Ajadeh. According to the sources, it seems that both Ajabdeh and Pratap will together fight against Aghans and get rid of them.

Now the question is, will the two – Pratap and Ajabde unite again? Will the two forgive each other? Will Dheer Bai be exposed? or will her wrongdoings again be hidden?

Although the serial might have more twist and turn, we just hope the two unite soon. We have to see their chemistry. We have been waiting for that moment from long now………

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