AK49 appears to be winning the Social Media battle against Narendra Modi – in stark contrast to the Congress which was caught napping

Congress was sleeping all along when Narendra Modi was winning the territories on social media cunningly, silently and decisively. Much had been already lost when the slumber was broken.  Belated Damage control exercises by Congress alerted and exposed to some extent the machination of RSS and its followers from inside and outside India. Still it was an unequal battle. The threatening, abusing and overpowering RSS DIEHARDS had successfully frightened the Congress supporters.

AK49 AK49 Wins Social Media

The table was turned when AK49 appeared upon the horizon. It turned into a real electronic battle of Titans that is spilling on to Twitter and Facebook since then. Twitter hashtag #ViolentBJP had been trending ever since supporters of the two parties clashed in several cities. Many intelligent and interesting twitts entertained the readers. However, in this Triangular fight among RSS, AAP and Congress it was difficult to make out the clear winner. All the participants well defended their ramparts.

Someone blinked and AAP volunteer twitted “AAP supporters were beaten brutally and people felt angry, cheated. They figured social media is the best way to express their anger.” No one gave up. Now Lok Sabha election is knocking at the voters gate.

While ‘Chaye Ke Dukan’ is still a decisive place where the destiny of the nation will be made, “Social Media” is definitely a “Me Too Ran” in this scenario. Parties are expending huge efforts to get and upper hand in this amusing new Panipat.

But recently, as Modi has conceded – “I have been defeated in every media platform except in the heart of people.” His claim is debatable and heartrending. What the latest news is that ‘Kejriwal’s reply to Modi became much more popular than Modi’s original tweet. At the time of writing, Kejriwal’s tweet had 62% more Retweets and 96% more Favorites than Modi’s tweet. This, despite Modi (3.61 mil) having more than twice the number of followers than Kejriwal (1.55 mil) has on Twitter. This is latest phenomena.

Here is the exchange of those twits:

And here is the quick Equalizer from AK49

I’m not in discussion here about the speedy collections AAP is receiving since NaMo condescendingly called names to Arvind Kejriwal. It is amazing that the so-called most popular Indian politician  on social media is failing to live up to his reputation

By Naim Naqvi

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