Akbar as a kid dreamt of ruling Hindustan but Bharat Ka Veer Putr Maharana Pratap serial says  he was more inclined to kill Pratap. Check the illogical plot

Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap shows an unique relationship between Akbar and Maharana Pratap at a very young age. The show potrays Akbar as a person who is very much determined to kill Rana Pratap, the Rajput crown prince. In addition, we see Maham Anga, his foster mother and Bairam Khan, his protector try their best to help him in his endeavor so that he successfully executes Pratap.

That makes me wonder, if Akbar’s sole aim was to kill Pratap in his early days, It wasn’t right? He had a dream to become the Jahanpana of Hindustan and not to kill one particular ruler of any area, let alone Rana Pratap of Mewar. Besides, his policy was not war but talks. He was one such foreign ruler who actually made good alliances without betraying the son of the soil unlike earlier Moslem rulers. How can the writers smartly chose to ignore this fact is something that irking me from long.

Maharana Pratap at Udaipur 300x225 Akbar as a Kid Wanted to Slay Maharana Pratap says TV Serial

I understand the show is all about Maharana Pratap, but does that mean the writers have the liberty to exhibit wrong details of the Mughal great who never intended to kill Maharana Pratap? In fact, he was the one who actually always appreciated his valor and bravery. That is the reason why he always wanted him to come under his wings.

However, that is a separate story that being the true son of the soil, Maharana Pratap never joined Akbar and disappointed each of the 6 diplomatic missionaries sent by Akbar, the last one being Man Singh, the nephew of Akbar’s brother in law Bhagwant Das. Now, all this thing happened in the year 1572-73 that is 5-6 years after Chittor was captured by Akbar and Udai Singh 2, father of Maharana Pratap had to flee from the spot in the year 1567.

Back then in 67, Pratap was 27 and Akbar was 21, they were no kids unlike shown in the serial that the two meet at a very early age. In fact when Akbar was 21 there was no Bairam Khan as he had died in the year 1561 itself when Akbar was just 15. So, the scene where Bairam Khan teaches sword to Jalal so that he can kill Pratap is totally baseless with no logic at all.

Maharana Pratap Haldighati 300x200 Akbar as a Kid Wanted to Slay Maharana Pratap says TV Serial

I repeat, Akbar never wanted to kill Pratap but wanted him as ally. However, Pratap being the son of his soil and a Rajwanshi could never see himself working under a foreign ruler. So, Akbar who wanted to conquer Hindustan saw Pratap as a hurdle in his way. This led to the battle of Haldighatti in the year 1576 and that was the first time Akbar sent his troops against Maharana Pratap. Pratap was 36 back then.

Maharana Pratap serial can show whatever they want in praise of the Rajput great Maharana Pratap but I think it would be sensible if they show Akbar in his true avatar, if not as a great Mughal ruler.

By: Deepti Verma

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