Akbar never warred against Maharana Pratap for Phool Kanwar. Phool Kanwar was not Akbar’s love.

Jalal (later Akbar) in Maharana Pratap is madly in love  with a Marwar princess Phool Kanwar. However, Phool Kanwar loves Maharana Pratap and even wants to marry him. Situations turn in Phool Kanwar’s favor and her uncle Mamratji who himself has a daughter Ajabdeh, proposes Phool’s name for Pratap’s marriage.

It is a separate story that Pratap loves Ajabdeh. Meanwhile, Akbar cannot resist Phool Kanwar marrying Pratap his enemy and comes to wage a war against Pratap. But, is this historically possible? Well, not really here’s how:

1. Akbar at the age of 13 was Busy with North India and not Pratap

When Akbar was of 13 as currently shown in the serial, he along with Bairam Khan was busy capturing the North. His priority was Hemu, the general of the Sur ruler and not Pratap, the potential Maharana of the Mewar region. No wonder, he defeated Hemu in the Battle of Panipat and then set his foot towards Punjab to get rid of Sikandar Shah. I repeat, at that particular age, his priority was generals and officers related to Delhi Sultanate and not a prince of Mewar. In fact, Maharana Pratap and Akbar never came face to face.

Akbar War Maharana Pratap Akbar Didnt War Maharana Pratap for Phool Kanwar   5 Reasons!

2. Akbar in his Teen dealt with Pratap’s Father Uday Singh and not Pratap

In the current slot, the great Mughal Emperor is shown getting jealous of Pratap, the prince of Mewar. Well, don’t you think it is a bit too much to show a monarch busy in some unproductive activity when he actually had the capacity of giving threat to the father of the prince? Akbar was no fool to waste his time over Phool Kanwar and her love interest Maharana Pratap, he was busy planning how to capture the fort of Chittorgarh from Uday Singh.

Rana udai singh ii Akbar Didnt War Maharana Pratap for Phool Kanwar   5 Reasons!

3. Akbar’s reason to capture Mewar was not Phool Kanwar

Uday Singh was the head of the Sisodia Clan of Rajputs. Bringing him under the imperial hold meant bringing the entire Sisodia Kings under the Mughal rule. This was the major reason why Akbar eyed Uday Singh. Another reason was due to Mewar’s geographical location as it connected Agra with Gujarat. These two reasons were the major causes of the rift between Akbar and Mewar. Phool Kanwar is just to entertain the Indian Television viewers!

Maharana Pratap Akbar Mewar Map Akbar Didnt War Maharana Pratap for Phool Kanwar   5 Reasons!

4. Akbar wanted Rajput as his Alliance and not Enemies

Akbar was a smart monarch. He always wanted to get hold of the Rajputs as he was not only well versed with their strength, intelligence, honesty but also their bravery. No matter, how cruel the serial shows Akbar is towards the Rajputs, the truth is, he respected them and wanted them as an alliance and not enemy.

jodha akbar fb Akbar Didnt War Maharana Pratap for Phool Kanwar   5 Reasons!

5. If Akbar was so Lusty he would have Married Phool Kanwar Forcefully

Akbar in the serial is madly in love with Phool Kanwar and wants her as his wife. He is so obsessed with her that no sooner he hears of her marriage with Pratap, he is ready to kill Pratap. However, had it been a true story, I’m sure Akbar’s third wife would be Phool Kanwar instead of Jodha Bai. But, but, but, the script writers forget the basic nature of Akbar, they forgot, that unlike the other foreign rulers of that time, he wasn’t lusty at all. He had the greed of power and not women.

Phool Kanwar Maharana Pratap Akbar Didnt War Maharana Pratap for Phool Kanwar   5 Reasons!

One should not forget Akbar married the Hindu princess Jodha, not out of lust but as a political alliance. He was a strategist, visionary and a pure statesman. Showing him in bad light for things which he never attempted only for gaining TRPs, is injustice towards the great monarch who as per the records, is way better than some of the prominent Hindu monarchs.

By Deepti Verma

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