Is it acceptable to show fictional love for entertainment in historical drama like Jodha Akbar?

Mirza Hakim, Akbar’s half brother is shown falling for Jodha’s sister Shivani in Ekta Kapoor’s historical biopic, Jodha Akbar. While, that might be possible, the TV czarina has gone ahead by showing Jodha initiating talks for this strange nuptial between the two families.

Jodha Akbar Serial Rajat Tokas with Paridhi Sharma Fictional Love Between Akbar’s brother and Jodha’s Sister in Jodha Akbar: Acceptable?

Jodha Akbar Serial, Image Source: IANS

Now, that there is no historical facts of Mirza Hakim’s affection for any of Jodha’s sister, is it right to show Mirza’s love for Shivani? Will it or not, be defaming real people and their families? Also, is it right to show Jodha initiating the marriage between the two, when she herself couldn’t accept the fact that she will marry a Mughal?

For the people who are not so well-versed with history but watch the show, will they not be biased watching Jodha, the Rajput princess as match maker, which in real terms has no basis in history?

Do you think it is fair to show such phony stories just for the sake of entertainment and gaining TRP’s by hurting religious sentiments of the people?

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Image Source: IANS

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