Akshay Kumar on Koffee with Karan-we revisit the episode in light of discussions on the Farah Khan – Abhishek Bachchan episode. We look at Akshay Kumar’s body language on the show and more

The last episode of Koffee with Karan (Koffee with Farah Khan and Abhishek Bachchan) was enjoyable for a lot of reasons; not least because of the candid statements made by Farah Khan. She is known for her forthrightness and this episode of the chat show was no exception. While she spoke about having made her peace with Shah Rukh Khan, she said that her relations with Akshay Kumar were still strained. She added that there was no resolution in sight though she may well be civil if she ran into him at some point.

This recalled to mind the fact that the Akshay Kumar episode of Koffee with Karan was one of the most awkward and contentious in the history of the show. It was clear that Akshay had come on the show after a lot of persuasion – the fact that he had resisted being on the show all this time (this was the first time he was on the show and still seemed there against his better judgement) testified to this. You can view the entire episode of Akshay Kumar on Koffee with Karan here:

Akshay Kumar came across as prickly and quick to take offence

Though Akshay Kumar has refined his comic timing in movies over the years, as Karan’s guest that day came across as prickly and a little thin skinned. When posed the question, “why do you torture people around you by waking so early?” this was a question clearly asked in jest, but his riposte saying that those who sleep late are “ullus” seemed to take things rather personally and unnecessarily so.

All through the episode Akshay appeared rather belligerent – though he claimed not to be bothered by what critics say about him, their words did seem to nettle him. Supposedly a critic called him furniture and his response was that he is a whole showroom – not the response of someone who is unaffected by criticism.

About the Farah Khan & Sirish Kunder Controversy

To give a little background, it is well known that there was a parting of ways between Akshay Kumar and the Farah Khan – Shirish Kunder team after their movie Joker . Supposedly this was because the movie was to be made in 3D and certain special effects were to be added – this was never done. There were ‘creative differences’ and divergence of opinions on editing, which spoilt matters between the movie makers and the actor. This effectively ended a successful collaboration.

When Karan asked Akshay what the problem was between Akshay and Farah & Shirish; why he never went on record to clarify things, Akshay retorted by implying that if he didn’t clarify it then, he wouldn’t do so now. According to Akshay, things “were not right” so he “backed out”. He claimed that if there is a problem, it is better to just keep silent. He said that he always prefers to keep silent; his implication was he disapproved of those who do speak out and those who seek confrontations.

The Body Language of Akshay Kumar on Koffee with Karan

akshay kumar on koffee with karan 300x168 Akshay Kumar on Koffee with Karan Revisited

Akshay Kumar on Koffee with Karan

Akshay made it a point to mention how none of the bigger banners give him any kind of break; making it a point to mention the Chopras and the Johars – implying that Karan Johar himself never did any film with him. Supposedly he was fine with the so called big directors not signing him on, but the accusation seemed implicit in his words as well his rather belligerent body language.

When he was watching what industry ladies were speaking about him, he seemed to be amused and relaxed but his body language and facial expressions said otherwise. He seemed to be itching to refute some of the things that were being said about him; particularly when Lara Dutta said something about him being terrible with his lines, needing placards with his lines written on them. He was dismissive about all this, claiming that is only to prevent time being wasted. One honest and likeable bit was when he was asked what his wife’s most irritating quality was – he said it was most irritating how “she is always right”.

Through the episode it seemed that the guest was trying to keep up a pose of nonchalance; however there appeared to be an underlying attitude of impatience of an adult having to deal with a recalcitrant child. The underlying resentment was evidenced by the last segment where Akshay Kumar subjected his host to a reverse rapid fire round – he seemed to enjoy getting a little bit of his own back. In the end Karan even said this show was like my principal taking my class!

The Akshay Kumar edition remains one of the more interesting episodes of the Koffee with Karan – albeit not for the usual reasons such as the guests being amusing or entertaining or whatever.

By – Reena Daruwalla

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