When Akshay ‘Khiladi’ Kumar shot with the real King Of Jungle, Musafa – The Lion. Don’t miss the pics!

Akshay Kumar is often known as Khiladi Kumar in Bollywood because of his action scenes and bravery acts. It has been two decades and Akshay has stood true to his name. Interestingly, for his upcoming film Singh is Bliing, Akshay has even shot with real Lion.

akshay kumar musafa lion singh is bliing The Adventurous Shooting of Akshay Kumar with Lion Musafa

Akshay Kumar and Musafa, The Lion

Akshay Kumar is a zoo care taker in ‘Singh is Bliing’ where he’ll be surrounded with animals. Looks like the character he plays will share a special bond with Musafa, the lion. Being a true khiladi Akshay wanted to shoot with the real lion and by God’s grace the shooting happened without any harm to Akshay Kumar or any of the crew members. Akshay Kumar photoshoot The Adventurous Shooting of Akshay Kumar with Lion Musafa Here are some of the sequences of Akshay Kumar and Musafa

Akshay and Musafa in a Car

When Akshay Kumar was asked about the stunts in the film, he mentioned about the biggest stunt. It was shooting for a sequence with Mufasa. Though Akshay did not fight with the lion, the scene required him to sit in the car with Musafa. Yes, the huge cat sat right next to him in a car! Akshay elaborated that though Mufasa was quite calm, it was a huge threat to actually shoot with the King Of Beasts in such a close proximity. Akshay Kumar with lion The Adventurous Shooting of Akshay Kumar with Lion Musafa Now since we have seen photos where Akshay pats Musafa, we know the amount of risk that our Khiladi took just to shoot with the most feared animal.

When Musafa Got Angry in the Middle of Shoot and Started Breaking the Glasses

Akshay Kumar sat with the lion for a photo shoot and as he confesses he was shit scared. And to his dismay in the middle of the shoot the mighty Musafa got very angry, stood up and started breaking some glasses. Imagine Akshay’s plight who was just standing next to him! Well, he didn’t harm anybody except the glasses because as we had learnt in our school textbooks Musafa saw his own reflection in the glasses and thought it was another lion mocking at him. Or perhaps it was due to the trimmed hair and wasn’t pleased with his new look. After all, none of the males can bear the hair mess.

When Akshay Kumar asked the Trainer whether he could save him and he said there would be no time if he decides

Before shooting with Musafa in a car where only the two was supposed to shoot right besides each other, Akshay asked the trainer (who was supposed to stand far off), whether he could save him in emergency. The trainer said there would be no times if he decides to….But, he assured Akshay Kumar that he won’t do anything because he is in good mood and we have fed him properly.

Akshay was scared but he did it risking his life.

Akshay Has Shot a Song with Musafa. Here Have a Look!

vboeAW The Adventurous Shooting of Akshay Kumar with Lion Musafa

The Khiladi is always hungry for new thrills and adventures and now that he is indeed hanging around with the King of the Jungle, he really proves he is indeed the Khiladi of Bollywood.

Singh is Bliing will hit the the theaters on October 2. The film also stars Lara Dutta and Amy Jackson. Image Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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