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After Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt is also set to move out from her parents’ house soon. The 22-year-old Bollywood actress who is currently living with her parents in their Juhu residence will soon be out to live on her own. According to the reports, there are not one but many reasons as to why Alia has taken this step.

alia bhatt bollywood Revealed : Why Alia Bhatt Is Leaving Her Parents House

Here we share the same…

Alia Wants to Explore the Unexplored Her

22 year old Alia Bhatt has made it very clear that all her life she stayed with her parents. However, at this point of time, she now wants to live life on her own terms. This is the reason why the Highway star wants to leave her parents’ house. What’s more, the girl now wants to explore the unexplored her, and this is the reason why she is on a house hunting mode.

alia bhatt pictures Revealed : Why Alia Bhatt Is Leaving Her Parents House

She Knows that Her Parents, particularly, Mother will respect her choice

Nobody seems to be opposing her decision. In fact, according to the reports, Alia’s maternal grandfather who is an architect will be designing her home completely. In addition, her mom Soni Razdan too will help her father in the task. It seems the father – daughter duo will ensure that they keep even little details into consideration while designing Alia’s new home. Making sure, Alia feels like a home when away from home.

india 2015 alia bhatt Revealed : Why Alia Bhatt Is Leaving Her Parents House

However, her father, Mahesh Bhatt Is Not Happy With Alia’s Decision to Stay Alone

When Alia Bhatt revealed her plan of staying alone, her father, Mahesh Bhatt was taken aback. He was not at all happy with her decision. And when she somehow convinced him to find a new apartment close by, Mr. Bhatt insisted that her house should have an extra room so that he can visit and stay there whenever he wants to, and for as long as he wants to.

alia bhatt mahesh bhatt Revealed : Why Alia Bhatt Is Leaving Her Parents House

Siddharth Malhotra, is also one of the reason why Alia wants to change her house

Off late, a lot of gossip is floating about Alia’s rumored bf Siddharth Malhotra visiting her place at late nights. Perhaps, the change in the house can be a reason to give her life more privacy and maintain a safe distance from the hawking eyes.

alia bhatt sidharth mallhotra Revealed : Why Alia Bhatt Is Leaving Her Parents House

Alia’s Elder Sister Shaheen Too Will Accompany Her

Seems like Alia is not moving out of her parents’ house alone, her sister Shaheen too is joining her. 28 year old Shaheen Bhatt is the same girl who was mentioned time and again in the famous AIB Roast when Rohan Joshi took over the mic. Yes, she is the one who is dating the comedian Rohan Joshi. The elder daughter of Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan shares the traits of her father. She is into writing, editing, and filmmaking.

Alia Bhatt family photos sister Shaheen Bhatt Revealed : Why Alia Bhatt Is Leaving Her Parents House

Shaheen and Alia Bhatt are all set to leave their comfort zone and enter their own apartment early next year. While, Mahesh Bhatt is not at all convinced, the sisters are all eager to enter a space of their own. Lucky girls, we wish them all the best…

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