After memes and jokes, Alok Nath will now be seen as a music rapper in a video on the occasion of V-Day where he will teach how to celebrate the day in a sanskaari manner.

Alok Nath, The Trend-Setter

Ever since 2014 started, my twitter page, Facebook Timeline as well as my WhatsApp app all seems to be buzzing with something very amusing. While I’m not so keen on the forward jokes sent on my WhatsApp or Facebook, these shares for a change made me droll all over. Oh yes, I couldn’t and still can’t stop laughing out loud and rolling over floor, every time I read a bunch of the Alok Nath trending mimics and jokes.

Well, I could understand Rajnikanth, Sir Jadega, ACP Pradyuman trending on social media over their antics but hilarious jokes on Alok Nath was something very exclusive on the part of the Twitterati.

Yes, out of all the characters, heroes, strip teasers and attention seeker, Alok Nath is the one trending on social media from 30th December. From hastags like #Aloknath to #AlokNathjokes, #Kanyadaan and #SanskariBabuji, we saw AlokNath, the Bollywood’s and Television’s favorite Father trending overnight all of a sudden without actually doing anything unlike the Poonams and Sherylns. Courtesy the young boy who tweeted whilst watching Hum Saath Saath Hain

“Our nation only learnt about heart attacks because of Alok Nath.”

Alok Nath Turns Rapper

And now that the nation knows how sanskaari Alok babu is, coming this Valentine’s Day, we will see him telling animated characters on how to spend a sanskari V-day this February 14th. The comic video will even depict babuji as a rapper in a similar get up surrounded by girls. Now, who better and interesting the whole sanskaari angle could be!

This surely implies that, Twitter is not just a medium where concurrent communication and real time announcements take place but a platform of social breakthrough and discovery. Lakhs of people tweet almost every second and in this ocean of tweets, some sparks trend. Such social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook along with mobile apps like WeChat, WhatsApp should not only be utilized for jokes and memes but also for useful campaigns to spread awareness. Just like Team Anna Hazare did last year.

While our top politicians are always on a Tweet War and seek negative publicity by the platform, I only hope after the exemplar of AlokNath and his sanskars, they learn to use the social platform in a right way.

Coming back to Babuji, I mean Alok Nath, who isn’t aware of this man? I guess every person living alive in India, whether a kid or an oldie who even have a slight idea about movies and television show even for once, knows who exactly is Alok Nath.

Babuji’s Interview After The Trend

The Journey of Alok Nath

I remember, I was merely 4 years old in 1989, I saw him in Maine Pyaar Kiya as babuji. Then again in 1994 super hit flick, I saw AlokNath in a fatherly role which again continued in 1999 film Hum Saath Saath Hain directed by the same director – Sooraj Barjatya starring again none other than our very own Salman Khan. The funny part is that, even today, as I roll in my late twenties, I see Alok Nath as babuji in several TV soaps.

Alok Nath Alok Nath, the Sanskaari Babuji now turns Rapper on Valentine’s Day

While Anil Kapoor and Alok ji is roughly the same age, one is still a leading actor and the other has been a Babuji all through his life promoting the values of Sanskaar, doing enormous Kanyadaans and giving tons of Aashirwads.

However, now it seems that the babuji is finally becoming rapper coming this Valentine’s Day, thanks to Twitteratti who made Alok Nath a sensation which the babuji couldn’t manage to do in his 50 year career. Last heard, Alok Nath removed his chappals before meeting and greeting the boy who made him famous through social networking.

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: The Hindu

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